the smell?

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  1. Okay, so I'm doing my first indoor grow and I was wondering how bad the smell is? It is in a basement and there are vents it could travel up.

  2. The smell is EXTREMELY strong man!

    Give us some more info and we will help you.
  3. Depends on the strain -- some smell strong, some hardly at all. Best to be prepared to deal with anything.
  4. CLICK HERE and get one of these. Smells will be no problem.
  5. When Overgrow was still online and functioning I remember a post by Mr. E. who specialized in compact grow ops. He constructed what he called a "carbon scrubber" which consisted of simply two screens that sandwiched aquarium deodorizing carbon in the back of his "micro box." which he claimed reduced smells significantly. The only drawback being that the carbon had to be replaced once a week if not more often than that as the carbon becomes less effective at odor control over time. Nonetheless it is the simplest and possibly cheapest method of odor control with the exception of incense, constant coffee brewing, and multiple plates of vinegar placed around the grow area, which is extremely less effective I assume.
  6. Yes a scrubber is great , ya can make one like ya said , I have seen them made of pvc pipe and carbon.

    Ionic generators R good but if ya have it run in the room, turn it off when ur inside O3 is ,or can be harmful to humans.
  7. the above^^^^^^^ info. is right on the money,,,,search the threads,,,, past and present,,on carbon scrubbers,,,smell wont be a isuue,for at least 2 mo.s ,, so you got plenty of time to devise a homemade setup,,,,and those vents you spoke of,in the basement,,,will be excellent in carrying the smell,,up up and away,,,,away from a nose at ground level,,,,,if the smell is cleansed,and then shot thru that vent,to the roof,,,,the smell coming out of the vent,,,wont even be noticable....:eek:
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