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the smell

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by lman_15, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. yo how do u get rid of da smell of a 3 foot high weed plant... i what type of air fresher or what else could u use...
  2. No air freshener made by man can cover the smell of a 3 foot plant in flowering..:)lots of fans is all I can reccomend.
  3. thnkz but yo i live wit my parents and i have a walk in closet wit a lock on ma door 2 ma room could dey smell it in da hallway...
  4. HIGH All, don't grow in your rents home...they have to much to lose.
    Can't you wait till you move out and then no worries at All.
  5. looks like your fucked! or maybe you will get likey and your folks will be like hey there JR likes some a bowl and kick back and chill hey you never know

  6. Iman didnt i just answer this question for you the other night? :( there is no way youre going to get away with this without your parents finding out. it really does stink and is extremely hard to cover without taking extraordinary measures. wait till you move out. or the spring time or DISCUSS it with your parents as i suggested. youre setting yourself up for a lot of bad things to happen.
  7. yo but what bout a 1 foot plant could u cova da smell... and if u can't how high of a plant can i have and be able 2 hide da plant...
  8. one foot in veg? or flower? if it reaches one foot in veg it will stink. in flower it WILL grow atleast another foot, and will stink. you cant mask the smell or go about without thinkin its not there. if its your parents house and a skunky smell starts appearing and getting noticeably stronger, they of course will try to locate the source of this smell. and you can follow your nose.
  9. yo what bout an ozone generator would dat hide da smell...

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