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    wen we grow you plants they smell lovely but wen we give them the chop why do they get that green smell until its cured....... any one know why becayse wen we cut any other kind of plant like a rose, lavender, they keep their smell i know they are not weed but they are still plants at the end of the day????
  2. My guess is all the chlorophyll being released into the air, but I have no idea really and would like to know why as well.
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    chlorophyll, my guess on why not roses and others would be due to the dense mj buds releasing more chlorophyll than say a rose bud. but this is just a guess
  4. iv lookt high and low fore this answer still can not find the answer
  5. It's pry strain dependent. Mine smells really piney.
  6. wat do u mean pry strain brov
  7. I think he's saying it's "pretty" strain dependent.

    I completely disagree that "wen we cut any other kind of plant...they keep their smell." You referred to "that green smell" -- how would you or we even know what "that green smell" is unless it was commonly experienced?

    Cut grass, cut shrubs, cut weeds, cut tobacco leaves, and you'll get "that green smell." Cut only the flowers from plants that are trying to attract insects for pollination and you don't.
  8. chill out bro it was only a question

  9. lol he was just explaining it
  10. It was only an answer. :rolleyes:

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