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The smell of pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ling007, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. :smoking:Alright my united pot smokers there are some of us who live under a roof with the same people who dont contribute to the usage of Marijuana. In fact they actully can get pretty angry when they catch you having a bongmitsfa in your OWN room.

    post some good ways to eliminate the odor of some good ole fashion pot.......:smoking: :smoking:

  2. Easy breezy. Just put a towel under your door and burn incense while smoking, once you're done, turn on a fan and open the window a little bit.

    NOTE: don't open the window while smoking, or open the window too much! this can cause cross-ventilation and outside air will actually push the smoke smell around the door into other areas of the house.
  3. this is what i do when i have to stealth smoke.
    crack the window big enough for the fan
    put the fan in the window
    burn incense
    sploof the exhales if you cant ghost into the back of the fan

    you should be pretty good
    dont forget to seal up the door too
  4. I highly doubt this has anything to do with "Toking Tools"
  5. Don't see why this isn't a sticky in Apprentice Tokers.

    (No disrespect to OP.)
  6. pick up a cig habit... they'll never smell the bud ;)
  7. cigs don't cover it up that well, but they work. its not a good reason to pick up the habbit though.

    i kinda miss the days when i had to hide to smoke, it was kinda more fun then.
  8. lolz. Yeah the grass is always greener on the other side my friend. Im 21 and living with my mom right now. But I lived on my own for a couple years so I'm used doing what I want and not thinking of what other people in the house will say. Let me tell you, when(and I mean once a week approx.) she catches me it's always a buzzkill. I'm always giving her some different explanation. My favorite excuse is "I was smoking a flavored cig". She never believes it but it leaves a shadow of a doubt, all I need to stay under her roof.

    Yesterday she comes home early while my and 5 people are in the back patio smoking outa my new bong. I said I wasn't smoking and the bong wasn't mine, lol. Clear eyes are you friend. You can be high as a kite and nobody will know it, provided you open your eyes wide enough and don't act high.
  9. Definitely dude, I'm with you here. I just moved back home because I decided to leave my school early and start looking for new ones, it's so different from having an apartment haha. Luckily my sister parties with her friends and everything so she helps cover for me if my dad asks her something.
  10. The world needs to be 420 friendly.
  11. Am i the only one who found it extremely hard to read the Ops choice of text and color?
  12. Not extreme, but started to kill my high.
  13. Vapes dont put out much smell if you wanna go that route.

    I find that a combination of Febreeze (the pet kind for shit smells) for the general room odor and Axe for yourself works well.

    A buddy of mine used to use some fans and a combination of those like fabric softner sheet things that smell worked pretty well
  14. Just an FYI nobody(unless I overlooked it) mentioned.

    Burning incense is a bust in itself because most non-smokers don't enjoy filling the room they're occupying with smoke. And it's also a fairly well-known stereotype that stoners use incense. Call me paranoid but that's just me...
  15. Yes because destroying your heart and lungs is a great trade off for covering the smell. What idiotic advice.:rolleyes:
  16. Cover the bottom of the door with a damp towel, smoke, spray, fan, open window.

    or you could just go outside :p
  17. Hey man, your font is wack, I cannot see a thing!

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