the smell of my plants!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by flint, May 13, 2002.

  1. howdy hi!

    what's the best way to prevent and keep the smell of my plants outta my closet? Thanking You!
  2. A small plate of vinegar will kill the smell
  3. Charcoal filters at intake of exhaust fan....

    There is a product called "Odor Killer" ia a natural odor killer normally used industrialy that is now for home use..safely eliminates smoke,food,sanitation,and biological odors,,it is not a mask,,it is a neutralizer...It is similar to the de-odor soaps used by hunters to remove body odors.

    Comes in Gel,Refill,and spray...with the gel you just place some in lids or cups in area and /or open jars.One should also be placed at intake of the exhaust fan....

    It's normally around $40 per gallon/gel at many hydro stores,,or can be ordered online...

  4. Thank You very much for your reply. i'm just starting out with a few clay pots--i don't have much money, but i have 194 seeds of varying strains--all of them extremely potent! what's the least expensive way i can begin, lights, soils, etc?
    i also have a nice size closet. Thanks again.
  5. if you grow all 194 seeds let me know i would be more than helpfulwith ure problem of getting rid of some for you.

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