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The smell of bud + new idea.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by S0BE, May 12, 2010.

  1. It might have been just me but when i first started smoking i didnt like the smell of bud. It wasnt disgusting but i just didnt like it. It just smelled weird. My friends who smoked before i started would say how good this bud smelled, and they would tell me to smell it. I would sarastically (without them knowing) just say "yea that shit smells good".

    I wasnt untill way after i started that i liked the smell. Now i love it. Smell a fresh pick-up and damn, amazing. Especially this BlueDot i got yesterday. Its only a little less than a G but still, it smels like blueberrys and skunk in a bag, lol. SOOOO GOOOODDD.

    After weed evantually becomes legalized imagine if Yankee candles started making bud scented candles.:smoking:
    Maybe even a whole line of them! One that has a Kush scent (even though there are tons), some kind of haze, Sour Diesal, purp, skunk, ect. A bunch of different strains.
    My whole house would be filled with those, lol.
  2. The smell of a dead skunk made me gag

    Now it makes me smile ;)

  3. Lol same here.

    "eww there's a skunk somewhere around here!"
    "nah that's just my 0 of skunk"

    edit: I wish I had an o of skunk
  4. haha people always tell me that my room smells like weed and i usually look at them like i have no idea what theyre talking about... i dont even smell it in here anymore
  5. oh yeah the smell of fine genetics grown with love and cured properly (and not molding) is always good. What's not a pleasant smell is the smell of someone exhaling smoke from their dirty, unbrushed mouths. That is not the essence of cannabis, that is a nasty sweet stanky smell of their unclean mouths. If you want to carry the pure experience from the smell of the herb, take it and vaporize it. You won't be disappointed with the pure taste. And find a GOOD vaporizer, like a globe vaporizer or a volcano. Only then will you know what true taste experience is. Oh, that sweet essence in those puffy bags. Or the sweet thc vapour that has accumulated after a couple minutes in the dome, only to be sucked through, like life giving mint. And then, of course, there is the taste of pure thc resin, a brown, marbly substance. It is pure sweetness, and gives you the purest alpha waves. You will know what love is, only then.

  6. ^^^^6 Intense :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. a while back when i was passing through new york state, i bought a pack of cannabis scented incense...they just weren't quite like the real thing though.
  8. there have been bud scented air fresheners etc. forever.
    why anyone would WANT to make their house reek or car reek of weed for no apparent reason is beyond me, but whatever.

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