The Smell of Autos outdoors

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Phoggy, May 27, 2009.

  1. I plan on growing some lowlife White Russian in my backyard. I have no fence and the location I plan on growing in will be within 20 feet of where my neighbors will travel by mowing their lawn. I only have 4 seedlings at the moment and they are regular seeds. So I'm hoping for some females. My question is do you guys think that they will produces a smell strong enough for the neighbors to detect the plants?
  2. All depends on the strain, how many plants, wind movement, trees or obstacles around it, and many other variables.
  3. The wind speed will be mostly a gentle breeze. There are many trees and bushes blocking however a few angles are exposed. . I plan on having about 8 out there. 4 Whiterussian autos and 4 blue ryders. I'm semi confident that they will go undetected. If worst comes to worse I can just slash em or sell em to a friend =/. Thanks for the help guys! Any other thoughts or input will be much appriciated.
  4. It should be fine, just for extra security, plant some high smelling plants near it, like lavender or lilac.

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