The smartest president we've ever had....

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  1. well..

    those Hawaiians kind of look Asian.. and all Asians look alike.. so i can see where the president was confused.
  2. I knew it! The birther conspiracy was legit all along. Instead of us worrying though that he was born in Africa, we should have realized that Hawaii is actually Asia.

    So by his own admission then, did Obama just say he shouldn't be President because he was born in Asia?
  3. this is much worse since he was born in hawaii...i'm pretty sure..
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  5. Or maybe he wasn't
  6. Whatever, people make mistakes. Thats nothing compared to half the shit the came out of mr bush' big dumb mouth.

    Honestly, the fact that both Alaska and Hawaii are part of states isnt very logical. There arent too many countries with provinces/states/areas that arent contained within the actual country.

    If i knew nothing about the states i would guess Alaska was part of canada and Hawaii considered to be part of asia... at least in terms of ancestors.

    In fact due to its location obama may have been geographically correct.
  7. Haha its funny cuz he's dumb...its hilarious cuz you cared enough to post....and its hysterical cuz people bring up the mistakes of presidents as if they really have any type of control in office....we elect a SPOKESPERSON, we judge the best speaker during the campaign and pick our favorite....we also elect someone to blame
  8. He's highly educated and he's the god damn president of the US. You can't make 2nd grade mistakes with a title like that

  9. Obviously you can.

    Every president has made a verbal flub, hell every pres. candidate, congressman, etc.
  10. Of course people make mistakes, I just find it funny that Obama supporters, most likely, because of the mainstream media think that our president is infallible. If this was W Bush, then I can guarandamntee you that the corporate media would be replaying a clip of this over and over. The weird thing is I can't even find a video of this gaffe.


    Where's Hawaii?
  11. The entire definition of Asia is arbitrary anyways.
  12. I can understand if he made a mistake with some tiny country out in africa, but it's a state that he's the commander in chief over.
  13. This wouldn't even matter if the motherfucker wasn't born there. Do you happen to name your birthplace some other country every once in a while!? I've never done it once, ever.
  14. why are you taking it so literal? i don't think by "can't" he means it's physically impossible, or he should get impeached...every president? 20 president "flubs" some blubs from Directory of Representatives · or what you just said is bullshit and you can't prove it otherwise.
  15. uhhh it is contained within the actual country lmao..look up the words you use :confused_2:

    "in fact, correct...MAY" in the same sentence? :rolleyes:

    you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, no offense.

  16. What, no they don't :smoke:

  17. is it hard carrying all that water???

    no sane person would argue that bush was not an idiot...we are just saying so is obombya. he's a stuttering simpleton and a murdering liar to boot.

  18. or he could be a robot, and it was just a bug in the system, or whoevers controlling him pressed the wrong button.

    i think ill go with the latter. more exciting.

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