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The Smalltown Experience

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zenith, Nov 24, 2001.


    I've been getting high in my town for about 2 or 3 years now. Coming onto this forum and reading about everything on the internet, I must say I am versed in a greatly differing community involving the herb. Chances are you could give a rat's ass. But maybe, just maybe this will be a nice diversion for few minutes while you plan your next cookout.

    First of all, our town is gifted with a university, which is the only magnet drawing in any drug business we get. Second of all, buying bud from anywheres but either a redneck country boy growing in his converted cotton fields, or hydro coming from the nearest city.

    In my world, you don't classify your latest acquisition by species, blend, location or anything of the sort. You basically have two types to chose from: Shake and "good stuff"

    Not everyone knows what shake is, and that's why you often see some misinformed first-timers shelling out large sums of money for a single, uncut marijuana leaf (Yeah that's right, like the kind that falls off trees) from a saucy grower.

    As for the "good stuff" that could be anything from a small home growing operation (basically a few plants on someone's porch) or some sort of hydroponically grown gear from the city. That is basically the limit of distinction round these parts. You buy a few grams and you never ever know what you come home with.

    Downtown, in a duplex two doors down from the police station is the nucleus of the town's "agricultural industry" which is basically a congregation of serious growers sharing an outlet. It's called "The Office" and it's probably the most reliable place to get bud, but rarely the best.

    On the other hand, the population here is a mere 4000, yet we actually have a hemp related store, that will sell kids of any age all manner of paraphanalia, from papers to pipes to lighters. It's a godsend in the otherwise confusing practice.

    Besides that, you just gotta have one or two good buddies who have connections, sure you'll never get the same herb twice, but at least you know you won't just get coffee grinds.

    I don't know if this is abnormal or if it's fairly common. I just noticed that everyone here was making many distinctions between various bags in their stash. Like "oh yeah this is a gram of filthy mexican, oh but here's the real prize, a 5 piece of saucy frenchman" where I've been raised on "if it's brown, turn it down. If it's green, you know it's keen"
  2. Try living in the woods in the mountains. I haven't seen hash in twenty five years. What we grow around here is "skunk". What we smoke areound here is "skunk" unless somebody from the flatlands cruises in with some "designer" shit.
  3. Some of this sounds familiar. We's all around here call it the same. Good and Bad. I had no idea there were so many "new" strains. Took awhile hangin 'round boards like this to get back up to speed with the "hip" lingo!:)

    I live out in the sticks, a pretty fair rock's throw from a town about the same size as yours, Zenith. But most of what we get on a commercial basis comes up from Mexico, i.e., brown. Some of it works some of it does'nt. Most of the green stuff is local. Hell, up until the WOD started, POT WAS THE LARGEST CASH CROP IN OKLAHOMA! We also grow a lot of wheat, so this says something about the climate for pot growing around here.

    We've pretty much buy in quarters, halves, and ounces round here. It's pretty hard to find anyone who will mess with selling any less than a quarter oz. 'Course, I ain't exactly a high school student anymore, maybe it's different among the younger folks.

    We pot smokers in my neck of the woods are the clear minority. The Baptist's are thick here. So we've kinda sought each other out in our little ways. Don't get too much designer stuff out this way. Mostly "au natural".

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a cookout to plan.:)
  4. I live in a relatively large college town (about 100,000, plus 30,000 or so students) My city is only less than an hours drive from detroit and canada, so the influx of contraband is relatively steady, although we do have our droughts every now and again.
    I usually get high grade commercial - if it didnt have 4 or so seeds an 8th, ad was a little fresher, it could pass for kind. I usually get a quarter or half P at a time.
    We dont get too much name-brand strains around here, unless you grow your own damn self.
    noy if youll excuse me, I have to roll up a hash-n-tobaccy joint, cuz Im all outta pot.
  5. In the small town I'm from (6,000 people, not toooo small but still) you basically have various grades of mids. Good weed (and I've actually smoke some really really good mids) to schwag. Really the only really bad part was the dry spells.
    Now that I'm in college I pretty much only buy dank though.... No seeds, smoke a bowl and you're rocked. I'm spending too much money on weed now though.
  6. I find I can get higher off of 2 grams of the good commercial I get than on 1 gram of kind bud. Plus theres the fact that kind bud is taxed as shit. even if youre lucky, and find someone who'll cut a decent price,when you buy a quad or so its still gonna be about $15 a gram. So, using my intuitive jewish financial logic, I find it easier on the wallet to just get good commercial. Ill have plenty of kind bud when I grow it all meself.
  7. Yeah chronic's four times as expensive and twice as potent. So basically you're paying twice as much. It's nicer though. I get all tired after I come down from smoking mids-
  8. I live in a small community of about 100 people. twenty minute drive to the nearest gas station and 45 minute drive to work everyday. I don't know anyone here that enjoys the smoke and like SmokinOkie, didn't know there were other types of weed until I found
  9. back home i live in a small suburb of los angeles and we had so much variety. the town *i believe* is apx. 13,000, but i'm not too sure on that number - it could be up to 20,000 (but definitely no more than that). anyway, i could always get really nice bud in my town. in fact, if anyone ever wanted to purchase cheap weed just for rollin some J's or if you were broke (hey these things happen), we'd have to go to a nearby town (usually pasadena) to get any of it.

    and of course, living in the l.a. area was great, i was within a 15 minute drive of a guy who could get me really nice chronic, northern lights, purple kush, and hash oil... talk about variety!

    right now i'm goin to college in santa barbara, ca... the weed here is fair. with a school as large as ucsb, there are countless dealers around and you can always find decent herb, however i've found that although the prices are more consistent here, the overall quality is less.
  10. I grew up in the suburbs too, however my town's youth was more focused on drinking and tweek, I couldn't find weed except from my friends who, like you, could get "schwag" or kind bud. Never knew what you were gonna get, unless you talked to this guy Jesse, who lived in the trailer park, and kept an actual safe in his closet filled with the kindest nugs you could ever see... He was really weird though, and kinda uncomfortable to be around because of it. A few too many acid trips if you ask me ~ so you'd have to risk hanging out with him to get the bud, which wasn't bad most of the time but sometimes he would just FLIP and either not make sense, or accuse you of being a cop/theif, or both which doesn't make sense. hehe.
    i first tried hash when i was 21, and out of that town. woo. now we're spoiled, because my bf gets medical mj for his chronic pain, and we get to go to the clubs, i.e. MJHeaven. I look back at the days when a game of risk was played, and to be honest I don't miss it one bit!
    I feel fortunate though, and give props to those of you who have to go to extreme lengths (or grow) in order to obtain.
  11. interesting stories...

    i live in a town of about 20.000 a good portion of that being college students (we also have a university here which supplies the quanity) the pot situation is pretty good here hardly ever goes dry.. you've also got a couple choices you can go to the "college student" who gets his from his hometown in the city and get more or less however much you need it's not the best bud in the world but it's smokable brick pot and it gets you where you want to be... you can also go to the good ole' boys normally you get to meet these people threw a friend of yours who is a close relative ie; dad/mom/uncle something similar who has the quality homegrown pot which will knock you on your ass no problem.. problem with this method is they tend not to sell it but just smoke it.. but it's always there so if you want to get smoked up head on over there.. just remember to hit 'em back next time you come into good luck.

    and now i lost thought.. back to the shadows i go

  12. Man I am sorry to hear that you think this way about nuggs. I am sorry to say but you are getting raped @ 15$ a gram (RU NUTS!!!!!!!!!) You are paying almost 60 bucks for an 1/8. What kind of kind buds are you getting anyway? If you smoke a gram of good shit than you should be rocked for hours. I get shit for 40/80 and it is great shit. You take two hits and your done for a while. maybe you should think about growing your own. msn you need to get the stuff that you can pack a bowl and it will get four or five people ripped.
  13. here's an embarrasing old timer question:

    what are nuggs? what is the difference between 'kind' and 'commercial'?

    in this damn appalachian town "good shit" is the major classification.

    ive got an 18 year old son who tells me we should get some chronic. im thinking that must be "real good shit"
  14. I think I had nugs before

    they seem to be just small buds, or nuggets. They were definatly the best buds I've ever smoked.
  15. Thanks zenith
  16. is short for nuggets.Commercial bud is simple good compressed brick weed that comes around.
    Kind is from the Grateful Dead song Uncle Johns Band.One of the lines asks are you Kind?It means are you good or decent or "Kind".A nice person or experience.He or it is described as being "Kind".
  17. thanks, man. i didn't connect that with the song from that great album, 'workingman's dead'.

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