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The Slimeball Comey Interview

Discussion in 'Politics' started by STIGGY, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. One good thing that has come about
    People realize now that the people in Washington are not above them
    Maybe now we will get the right people elected in the future.
  2. Very Child like response Thanks for contributing
  3. I would like to agree, but we will never get the "right" one in DC..Even if we elected a good one,,he/she would get corrupted the 1st month in office.
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  4. You are right
    It's a Big Game that they have gotten away with far too long
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  5. Nothing about this thread is worthy of anything more.
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  6. You know brother you seem to go around bashing others post
    Try to grow up a Little, you'll get there someday
  7. I try to stick to just posts I find really stupid.
  8. It shows brother it shows
    Too bad the Comey interview was not the Bombshell you all expected
    have a nice day
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  9. He got fired for a crime. Read the DOJ's recommendation for firing Comey. Did you miss the memo from Rod?And he has admitted to be a felon leaker. When the IG report all comes out it will be much clearer for you to understand..stay tuned..we are in the middle of discovery right now.

    The liberal democratic Harvard law expert said Comey should of been fired on day one of the inauguration. That should give you a clue.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I remember when people got Fired did not run to the media or write about about how they are crying now
    Such Wimps.
  12. It's becoming a bash on trump-fest, boarding on defamation of character
  13. It seems like everyone that sucks up to the Clintons are either dead, sexually abused, or their careers are destroyed . You would think after this many years of scandals and corruption people would of learned by now.

    Its shocking that Hillary had to get the debate questions ahead of the debate with Sanders. Fuck..that should tell you all you need to know about the Democrats abusing there own people. Such a nasty woman.

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  14. The really funny thing is that El Trumpo is helping Comey make MILLIONS with his book and TV interviews..LMAO
  15. It looks like our President in generating revenue for our country. Its like winning everyday. lol
  16. Revenue where? By starting a trade war with China and who know who else?
    His Pals on the street were NOT happy! Did you enjoy your $5 per week tax cut..or was it $10? LOL
  17. Funny that this cartoon should mention trump's hand size, since Comey specifically said that his hands were normal sized. That's what happens when you're just a shill, you don't read what is said objectively and facts don't matter.
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  18. He has no character to defame. The only people more fragile than him are his supporters. The weakest and most spineless demographic in all of American history.
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  19. Well, you just said that our President was creating millions selling books and that would create millions in tax revenue right?

    And for the trade war, what fucking trade war. It sounds more like we are negotiating better and more fair trade deals with China. There are big tariffs on the seafood I sell going to China if you can even sell it there. You should bone up on China's tariffs on consumer goods , then get back with me on the trade war.

    $5 or $10 tax savings? You must think everybody you talk to with that democratic talking point is a broke dick. The pay raise I gave my crew this year alone so far is around 10k, and its only April.

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