The Sins of America

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    America may not be a person, but it is an idea with power. Therefore, it is influence and entanglement.

    Inspired by this thread by alicedee07, I wanted to make a thread about the Inalienable Sins of America.

    Share your ideas, with commentary and pictures, videos, or sources included as you please.

    No injustice is too small. No treason is too inexcusable. No act is too unforgettable.

    I'll begin with just a few.

    The Enslavement and Disenfranchisement of a Large Swath of Human Beings

    The Prohibition of Substances, Including but not Limited to Cannabis, Alcohol, Cocaine, Opiates and Opioids, Amphetamines, LSD, DMT, MDMA (Ecstasy) and MDA, Dissociatives

    The Fluoridization of the Public Water Supply

    The Selling of Weaponry by American-Based Companies During the Second World War to the Hitler Regime in Germany-Austria

    The Twofold Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

    The Internment of a Large Swath of Human Beings During the Second World War in Prison Camps

    The Propaganda Leading to an Invasion and Occupation of the Territory Known as Iraq

    The Korean War

    The Vietnam War

    The Spanish-American War

    The Mexican-American War

  2. Ya, americas really fucked up over the past couple 100 years.
  3. Three-Fifths Person Rule Encoded in the Formative and Basic National Constitution
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    Women not being aloud to vote until 1920.


    Interference in South American democracies

    Iraq, Vietnam

    Outrage over Carter returning Panama back to the people of Panama

    ....a lot of stuff.
  5. The Establishment of and Secrecy Regarding the Federal Reserve

    The Utilization of the Lethal Force and Capital Punishment

    The Regulation of the Media
  6. Well, I would have not agreed with this thread a few months ago. I would have excused everything for the old red white and blue. Things have changed.

    As you all know I have been researching the Illuminati. I call them the zodiac killers club because they are obsessed with numerology and astrology.

    Keep that in mind when you read the following. It is shocking. :eek:

  7. My immediate reaction was something much more harsh than this; but are you out of your mind? Your talking in such absolute terms about everything which is leading you criticize everything. Look at the strides America has made as compared with the rest of the world. Sure this place isn't perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than most other countries in the world. Your negative attitude does nothing for anybody. Recognize the problems and work to find a solution rather than tear down all of the good things we have. Don't cut off America's nose to spite its face!
  8. God bless America!

    Thank God we live in a place where we can screw up royally in some cases, fix our mistakes and keeping getting stronger and stronger.

    Thank God that we have a Capitalistic society that allows us to get bigger and stronger while allowing us to send trillions of dollars around the world to help those in need.

    Thank God that we are able to liberate nations like Iraq from evil dictators. Not only able, but willing to do it.

    I don't believe that everything the government does is right or good. But I'd put the record of the American government up against any other that has ever existed and I'm confident that I'd find America's more palpable.
  9. All countries got their skeletons that they'd like to keep in the closet. That the US and US companies have done quite the few shady deals and actions, is what can be expected.

    Compared to the last 200 years of history in say Germany, UK, Russia, France, China and other countries of some size, the sins of the US is not all that great.

    Except perhaps the nuclear bombing of Japan at the end of the second world war. IMO entirely uneccesary, though it can be argued it helped end WW2 in the PTO, I don't think it had any more effect than say a few 1000+ bombers raids. At the time, the US owned the skies over Japan, so such large formations was in no real danger of being intercepted.
  10. I understand and appreciate your opinions, but there's no argument here. This thread is simply for the wrongs have that been carried out in the name of America. Feel free to contribute or create your own thread about why America is the greatest place on earth, or why you think killing and discrimination being institutionalized are somehow acceptable.
  11. Oh, I didn't say acceptable, and neither did I say america is the greatest place on earth. Merely that the wrongs the US have done, and still keep at, is what can be expected from a big player in global politics and conflicts.

    But since you want contributions, here's one:

    - Killing its own citizens by means of a judicial system that is not only draconian, but also racist.
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    I'm going to sum up my view on the subject with two words.

    Morals / Rights.

    Where have they gone? I'm not even talking about any wars, or prohibitions.

    Pretty much every single thing the United States has ever done can be listed here.

  13. Yeah, that was the point of the thread.

    An idea with power... but unblamable.
  14. Anything thats involved with greed, power, and slave.
  15. Extinction or near extinction of various animals like the buffalo for monetary or entertainment gains.

    The relocation of Cherokee and other nearby Native American tribes for the 3 reasons of oil, gold, and wealth in general.

    The post-relocation actions of the government which led to death by starvation/exposure of recently relocated Native Americans due to corruption within the distribution of rations. The Native Americans were also beat/killed if they tried to leave the camp to find food.

    The voiding of treaties made with or to legitimate counsels selected by Native American communities. (for instance: "
    In 1794, President George Washington sent his secretary of war, Timothy Pickering, to make a treaty with the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois. In return for peace and friendship the government promised to respect the lands and boundaries of the Iroquois and never to disturb the Indians in their use of their lands. "The United States," the treaty stated "will never claim the same, nor disturb the Seneka [sic] nation." In the 1950's a dam was protected that would flood the Seneca Reservation in New York. The Senecas hired a staff of engineers, who offered an alternative site for the dam that they claimed would cost less and would be more efficient. Their claims were to no avail. In 1960 the dam was built, and a major portion of the Seneca Reservation was flooded." More Found:

    The pollution, corruption, and degradation of North America's beautiful landscape.

    Legalized enslavement.

    Disclaimer: I do not hate the country I am from but I do believe if you take a US history course it will become apparent that our path to get here has been very destructive, irrational, and brazen.

  16. lol Sins of America? Creating the internet and stopping hitler...oh wait
  17. Great thread!:hello:
  18. meh. What did you guys expect to happen?

  19. Oh... yeah, I almost forgot. Since Hitler's Germany was Evil, America must be Jesus!
  20. Inalienable sins of America? How about American Idol?

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