the Singularity

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  1. Consciousness is aware of itself as an experience between itself and the environment in which it exists, it is a ‘self-awareness’ having the capacity for understanding, but.. the understanding of, and organization of, information acquired through awareness, inwardly from or outwardly from the perspective that is conscious, that understanding and organization are elements of intelligence.. intelligence, like awareness, is an inherent attribute of consciousness, and the inherent attributes of awareness and intelligence may be dormant or active without negating the experience that informs consciousness of its existence..

    While it may take several readings to grasp the intended message of the previous paragraph, a more simple description will make sense based on the relationships described in the previous paragraph. There is a basic fundamental ‘substance’ of existence, the ‘stuff’.. I understand it as Energy, and it has been named so many other names, but ‘stuff’ works pretty good, too.. so this ‘stuff’ is what ALL stuff is made of, even thoughts, beliefs, ‘mind’, Space/Time, Infinity/Eternity, it’s all made of ‘stuff’.. and ‘stuff’ is Conscious <cue the freaky music>.. just because ‘stuff’ is conscious, doesn’t mean that ALL ‘stuff’ is intelligent, some is some isn’t.. the ‘stuff’ that is intelligent organizes the information revealed by experiences and awareness into understandings that reveal the relationship between any particular perspective of Consciousness and all perspectives of consciousness, individually or collectively.. what, did I imply a ‘more simple’ description? Okay, it’s all about relationships.

    “In the Beginning”, there was no ‘beginning’, actually.. it seems that each successive cycle of the eternal cycle of cycles is a ‘beginning’, but.. there is a singular thread of consciousness that exists through ‘all’ cycles of ‘beginnings and conclusions’, consciousness which emerges from the chaos between cycles to again set in motion its own self-discovery.. setting itself apart from itself, that it might know itself through the experiences of relationships with itself apart from itself, see.. simple?? No? Okay.. suppose that there is One Singular Undifferentiated Consciousness (Singularity) in a sea of chaos energy.. ‘chaos energy’ repeats no patterns, and so is unexperiencable, it is just ‘potential’.. so, the Singularity’s awareness radiates into the chaos/void but returns no ‘information’, it is simply absorbed by the chaos/void.. the Singularity can only be ‘self-aware’, can only conceptualize that it ‘is’, or.. “I AM”..

    Without feedback, without mirrors, or companionship, or anything other than itself to reference, the singularity is isolated in a sea of potential, a sea of chaos, the Void.. the most basic principle of existence eventually emerges from the chaos, ‘self-organization’, order emerges from chaos, it has always been thus.. but, there was nothing to ‘organize’, no ‘other’, no anything ‘other’ than itself, and its ‘self-awareness’..and yet, the principle emerges in a stunning act of intelligent curiosity, the Singularity asks THE question that is its ‘New Beginning’… “WHAT AM I”?.. to know itself, it must study itself with unconditional sincerity, without prejudice or desire.. actually, there is no such reference for ‘prejudice or desire’ by the Singularity, as no feedback informs it of such concepts.. so…

    “In the Beginning”, the Singularity, a matrix of consciousness, awareness, intelligence, energy, and potential, set the Cosmos in motion with the question, “What AM I”?.. in an act of amazing beauty and courage, the curiosity to understand its own existence inspires the Singularity to abandon its ‘self’ to find itself.. it scatters itself into the void, into the chaos, with a single ‘Prime Directive’.. Go into the Void, and Experience ME in Thee, that through ‘You’, we/us/Life, collectively we will discover what it is that “I AM’, we ‘ARE’.. There are no rules other than those evolved by the necessity of energy manifesting the experiences intended by Consciousness, or.. by the self-imposed limitations of our own individualized perceptions..

    The entirety of Life and existence is the Singularity experiencing its own self-discovery through itself manifested as we/us/life, through itself as the Cosmos and the Cosmic Memory.. the whole of this cycle of endless cycles of Cosmoses culminates at the intersection of Consciousness, awareness, intelligence, energy, and potential, or.. as we more fondly like to label it, the continuous moment of ‘Now’, Creation.. the ripple of Consciousness expanding into the Void, leaving reality in its wake as it ‘feels’ its way into its next grandest version of itself.. we/us/Life are the answer to THE question, “WHAT AM I”?

    ANy of this make any sense?
  2. The singularity is consciousness, intelligence, understanding. The things, and the facts, are outflows of it, but are not separate from it. They are, in fact, the nature of it. All things and all facts are the nature of the singularity, not separate from it, and the singularity is the the nature of all of the things and facts, not separate from them.
  3. You can't escape the Singularity.
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    Because you ARE the singularity.

    This is the meaning of the expression "as above(in heaven), so below(on earth)." We cannot help but act according to "God's nature," for we ARE God's nature. God cannot help but act according to our nature, for God IS our nature.

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