The Singularity is Near

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  1. Just wanted to share this with everyone here. Lets talk about it!

    [ame=]YouTube - The Singularity of Ray Kurzweil[/ame]
  2. Here's an interview he did with Glenn Beck (pre crazy land Beck)

    [ame=]YouTube - Ray Kurzweil on Glenn Beck pt1[/ame]

    it's in 4(i think) parts of 10 mins each. If you want a picture of what the future will probably look like, listen to this guy.
  3. that last 100 years have been pretty impressive for the human race.
    Lets hope this Singularity is true and we will have the answers to everything in the next 20 years. there will be nothing left to figure out.. cant wait
  4. Cool video. That gets me thinking.. man the future is gonna be great.
  5. that's pretty cool, i gotta look this guy up on youtube
  6. Would a supercomputing artificial inteligent being be able to enjoy our beautiful world from a sensory perspective? It would probably look at the flaws sensory perception can lead to such as addictions to music, drugs, food and then reaarange it's own source code to avoid such pitfalls....

    you dig? any thoughts?

  7. i think it would be better able to focus those addictions. Addictions are only a problem when a person disregards everything else in their life for that one thing but imagine if you could have an alarm system in your head that would tell you, ok go eat now and block off the addiction until you took care of the needed things, and then that you could even set what those needed things are so that you still get the enjoyment of the addiction but not the bad parts that normally come with it (forgetting the people around you and taking care of yourself)!

    The one thing I do worry about is how the connectivity is great and all but the personal security side always seems to be an afterthought to these services, just look at facebook and the iphone now. I think those are the beginnings of the same issues we will face later just with much more to lose.
  8. i got one
    how do you figure out that you got nothing left to figure out
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    Beware of guys selling Books they want $ and thats is all listen to scholars with nothing to sell you. Did Einstein make a million form the Bomb that ended the War? This dude is a slick used car salesmen I heard it all before over and over
    Yeah I am a OLD man. LOL

    Salesmen are not scientist and there word means nothing. And scientist who become salesmen are not to be trusted.

    Like Thunderstruck said he is on the Glen Beck show no respectable person would go there. Sounds good just like all the Greedy money grubbers.

    As most know I could expound more but I will leave it at that. If they want to sell you something cool I am going to watch late night infomercials.


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