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  1. hi guys I placed my first order yesterday(5/11) I will keep this updated with my experience with this seed bank. I'll be placing orders with two or three others ones as well within the next month and I'll give my unbiased review for each. wish me luck lol
  2. good deal fresh,
    i can tell you about my personal experience with single seed centre..
    got them in 6-7day's never paid extra for shipping method's either...they did real well in my book..

  3. my first experience with them was great.. all tho i recieved a cracked seed they are sending a replacement..also it took me 12 days to recieve seeds
  4. i got my reshipped order 2day.....that took 8 days from the dispatch date.....these guys have excellent customer service......i pretty much got a free order since the original package came a few days ago too.......i will def be ordering from these guys in the future
  5. I take it these guys wont ship to the US of A?:(
  6. they shipped mine out today(5/13) thanks for all the replies guys. Any suggestion what bank I should do next(don't suggest attitude)
  7. high grade seed's..awesome canadian genetic's and they only charge flat rate of 5 buck's per order to ship...
    very nice strain's..check out there nl or clusterbomb.

  8. they do ship to usa...i live in the midwest and have gotten 2 out of 2 packages
  9. Hey customz, nice share man, i've never heard of this site i'm feelin that vintage mix..

  10. nice, seems as if this is going to be my next order right there.
  11. do you know what country they are located in ?

  12. no...they ship worldwide though...prob netherland's or amsterdam..
    one of the two..
    i just started using them about a few month's back...i like attitude myself and canadian companies that are legit..
    bc has some kick ass genetic's..
    i've been seeing a lot of buzz around seedbay as well..

    for trying new companies best advice is to order in small order's, pay no extra for special should get there without having to pay extra imho..
    do a google search with the phrase "marijuana seed bank" or "cannabis seed bank"
    read through there fact's or shipping method's , etc..
    if they say they ship worldwide then it could very well be worth the time..
    look for anything saying what contries they do not ship to..

    it cost some money ..yes...but you learn where to buy and how to get certian genetic's that other wise are out of reach to grower or breeder..
    fresh deserves +rep for taking the time and money to do this imho..
    saving alot of folk's real hassle..
    can't wait to see more here..i think the sticky above on seedbank's is about outdated and not very indepth research at all now...imho
  13. i actually would like to throw some more input on this if fresh don't mind..
    i just placed an order fri with single seed centre so i'll give the update on that too..
    they actually gave me 3 freebies regardless of how much i spent..
    i picked up 4 reg querkle from tga subcool(awesome breeder's)
    1 fem widowrella(female seed's) they use real c-99 genetic's and test each to! awesome breeder's
    1 fem cherry berry and 1 fem red diesel(barney's)
    free DNA's!
    rocklock fem
    sharksbreath fem

    i also placed a tude order..had to jump on those next gen seed's! super bc genetic's!
  14. I don't mind at all. I only purchased one seed though(mostly to test the site out and for the freebies)
    got 1 widowrella myself and the 3 DNA freebies
  15. nice! good c-99 cross, i even got conf from the c-99 man
    great choice on the widowrella..
    and smart way to buy bro..
    so how's that high grade order lookin?
  16. haven't put that one in since I went out of town. might have to wait about a week or so spent too much money this weekend lol.
    I've read nothing but good about the widowrella and c99(never tried it myself) in general.
  17. me either, but i guess we will now;)
  18. sounds like a plan, as soon as they get here I'll be putting the widowrella to grow planning to make a mom out of her if all goes well;)

    off topic: take a look at my other thread and let me know what ya think(first grow/bagseed)
  19. Got my 1st special order from Single Seed Centre! Got the advertized DNA freebies of sour cream, sharksbreath, and rocklock! All are huge and beautiful! Nice to know that I dont have to pay that 20 for gar shipping anymore! 6 days to the West coast with the no gar.!!!! I love it 7 bucks thats the way it should be! Great job Single Seed Center!!!!:hello::hello::hello:
  20. where is there an advertisement on that site for freebies ?

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