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the single seed centre :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by gluten1212, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. sorry for making a new thread for this but i just wanted people to know.

    i bought 10 single seeds march 10th, i got the order and shipping confirmation on march 11th. had them shiped to my homie in in san marcos tx, im in houston. he just called yesterday (april 21) and said it got stoped by customs. hes bring me everything that came in the envelope this weekend. pretty bummed out i heard it was legit. i never read anything about people ordering seeds to houston thought...

    luckily i only spent $100 but damn. and i was $20 short of the quaranteed shipping without signature ( thats probably the best way to go)

    does anybody have personal expierence with a company shipping to houston? i REALLY need seeds.

    please help if you can, THANKS!!!!
  2. Don't know if this helps but, I have a buddy near Houston (in Kemah) and he's ordered seeds from Doc Chronic and they came through okay. Good luck!
  3. did you get the guaranteed shipping? if so contact them and they will resend your order. when customs finds a order its just bad luck i have ordered twice with no problems
  4. okay thanks!!! i guess ill try it again but with guaranteed shipping!!!! i guess it was pretty stupid to not do guaranteed shipping when customs is involved. damn so i have to wait close to another month before i could even get them!!! i wish i knew a grower.

    THANKS guys ill check out doc chronic too.
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    make sure you verify that story bro i have 11 orders with them never lost one never bought guarantee, always got my shit. right to my house. sounds like you learned the hard way sorry to say. next time send them to your own house bro its the only way to fly:smoking: also world wide seeds has replaced orders seized without the garantee all you have to do is prove that they were confiscated and not lost or stolen. one of my buds unfortunatly had to do this.
  6. I just ordered 20 seeds from them and everything went smoothly. The $20 no signature delivery is the way to go, no worries.
  7. i think, from my experience, that is a waste of good seed money:p
  8. yep i ordered there (thanx grass) got mine in 7 day's no problem's paid no extra for shipping either...
    like them so far..A+
  9. GREAT! all this has been so helpful thanks alot!! i guess im goin for it one more time.

    a couple years back i bought some herbal incense (all legal) and when i got it, it had been ripped open and had a note saying it was checked, the incense WERE there though. i just want to make sure theres not even any kind of list of people who have had suspisious mail send to them over seas, especially if my next seed order is gonna be sent to my house instead of my best friend.

    i heard you DO NOT want to get stoped or flagged by customs more than 2 times! but i dont even know how it works.

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