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The Single Seed Centre

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by ggmallow, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. High everybody,
    I just recently stumbled across a seed bank that I have not seen anyone talk about and was curious if anyone has used them and what their thoughts where. They seem to be legit from browsing there website and I have seen them advertised on high times web page. If you look on there website they have claims that your seeds will make it to you no ifs no buts no bull. Id really like a selection they have that is not offered on my regular seed bank. What do you guys think?

    Here is a link to them
  2. i orderd... it came.... they rock...:hello:
  3. i just ordered some today....they have MNS :D :smoke::smoking::hippie:

    ill let you know when i know
  4. Bump for some more peoples opinions. Thanks for those who have replied so far.

  5. Did those seeds ever come?
  6. I just read through it. Seemed ok I guess , although they claim to be the ONLY site that sells single seeds. I call serious BS on that. I can name 1/2 dozen that do. Im not saying the place is sketchy, id just do more research before ordering.
  7. hey mallow, yeah, they came

    6 days ago even. My bad for not updating...I updated another thread, but forgot about this one.

    Thumbs up from me though.

  8. afaik, they are the only site that ships *worldwide* AND sells single seeds of every strain they sell.

    for example, attitude sells single seeds. but only of like 30 of their 100s of strains.

    show me where else I can purchase a single Mr. Nice Black Widow? Paradise Sensi Star? What about Serious AK-47? Or maybe Sensi's Black Domina?

  9. Ask and you shall receive. Just to be sure that they had every strain you mentioned, I cut and pasted each strain as you wrote. All there.

    Marijuana Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds
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    ahh, but you didnt read their FAQ. they dont ship to the US.

    Like I said, WMS is the only site that ships any strain in single seed form WORLDWIDE.

    besides, if I were a betting man (and I am, but this isnt holdem) Id say the two companies were associated....im not going to check breeder by breeder, but their strain lists look identical.

    edit :: they even both have medicine man listed twice, both sold out. They have to be the same mother company. Just that one site is set up to ship to anyone, and one is not.
  11. After looking at both twice your probably right on the assumption they are connected. After reading eachs write ups for Disclaimers n such. its all extremely similar.
  12. I think I am going to give it a go. Was the packaging good and discrete? I can't wait for this variety of fems I wanna get from them
  13. yeah, it was all discrete...on par with attitude, but different.

    i got 2 full packs, that attitude didnt carry or not in stock. Those two came in original breeder packs, sealed.

    I also got a few single seeds. They came individually packaged, ziploc bags, labeled, and with a portion of the breeder pack that contained something identifiable, like part of the strain name or something.

    I was happy man.
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    Thanks so much for your help you've been great. They have the elites I want that can't afford the whole pack. Like one pack I want is over 250 which I can't spent so I'll get about 3 and clone them. I am so stoked for Soma genetics, I just wish they had somango availble at the moment. Thanks again
    Edit:holy crap they just got it in stock :D
  15. What are the other single seed sites? Any reputable? Is WWMS the best place to go for single seeds?
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    You should not be worried dude. Give it time I just placed an order with them on Wednesday. I haven't received it obviously but dude 6 days is nothing to be worried about with any bank.

    The Attitude Seed Bank has select single seeds that I know will arrive. Ive order from them 3 times now.
  17. i've used worldwide twice both times it arrived in good time, first time order was a little beat up, second ones fine, only one seed made it through 4 on the first order, not sure what happened they sprouted and just died, last one my hawaiian snow is doing fine, the first were lsd from barneys farm.
    the canadian site has the same layout has anybody ordered from them
    Marijuana Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds
  18. One observation, but a VERY important one is that the Canadian sites prices are alot more expensive than the U.K. prices, not sure why, but its true...I have been looking at both and comparing them, and im not talking just a few cents more, im talking a good amount more.....weird....So if you can go with the UK based seed center....Hope it helps...Later and I lOve you all....next time i see you, i will give you the biggest gayest kiss i can muster up......Later.

  19. And another note on the Canadian single seed site.......They DO NOT ship to America.....Booooo!

    -Rusty :bongin:

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