The Single Most Vulgar Stand Up Comedy Performance of all time?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by bssarchives, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. I'm gonna watch some stand up today. who's got opinions, need some ideas I'm ready to laugh hard.

  2. George Carlin
  3. Frankie boyle if you can understand him. I warn you he is brutal!

    Said to a packed audience about an abducted kid who was returned.

    "Just goes to show you the ugly ones always turn up alive "!

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  4. and lots about one who didnt
  5. Louis CK

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  6. I would have to say Doug Stanhope takes the cake here by a mile and does so in an intelligent way, rather than actually trying to shock or offend you.
  7. Many people would find this vulgar but he does make some good points.
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  8. Andrew "Dice" Clay.

    Find his nursery rhymes.
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  9. I'm a big fan of Anthony Jeselnik or Jimmy Carr.

    Jeselnik is great at the celebrity roasts. His one for trump was good.
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  10. Joey Diaz has to be up there
  11. I cant remember the guys name, but I was doing sound for a stand up comedian at a corporate show last year.
    The end client was a group that have a car mechanics chain and a chain of shops that do cycling related things and motor accessories- it was much more branch level than it was senior management, the implication of all that being it was a lot more low brow an audience than the comedians expected when their agents told them its a corporate show. Especially considering the comedy shows were a late night thing and theyd been partying away for many hours by that point.
    So this one comedian- first on for that audience, as you do, tries to gauge the level of the room early, see what you can get away with, tells something a little risque for a normal corporate the crowd love it. so he goes one level cruder, they love it. Now he makes no attempt to hide what hes doing, he lets the crowd know hes trying to see how low they'll go, so he goes to the most vulgar stuff in his corporate material, then to the worst stuff hed be willing to say on tv, then to the worst stuff youd say at a normal show, then into the worse end of small comedy club trying stuff out material... hes by this point used almost his entire set length getting locked into a game of chicken with the crowd, will they get offended first or will he bottom out... he then tells what he referred to as the joke hed received most complaints about ever- a little more mixed reaction but still maybe 70% of the audience laughing, so he goes all out and ends the set with
    "Iv never watched a whole child porn film... just seen little snatches"
    and leaves the stage as that one sinks in.

    I saw him a moment later backstage and he was like "I cant believe i just told that infront of people, theres no way im getting paid"
  12. hicks in Chicago. when he had a terrible show and yelled at a heckler and mimicked her for being a "drunken cunt" and that "hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever.... drop the bomb Saddaam! kill em all Adolf!" very family appropriate stuff like that haha
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  13. You aren't watching the news?! It is every time Donald Trump is at a public speach.

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  14. The late Robert Schimmel. I loved this guy!
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  15. "how do blind people know when they're done wiping their ass?" :p this guy has a similarly filthy sense of humor to one of my brothers haha
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  16. Yeah...he's/was a hoot alright!
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  17. Once when someone was saying something along the lines of "wouldn't it be funny if.." my said brother sprinted a full nude lap down to the local store and back, a 200 meter run easily. He frightened the elderly couple living next door who happened to be out in their front garden having an otherwise peaceful morning. Old Ted couldn't believe what he'd seen. He did it on a seemingly random urge, so none of us saw it coming. I said to him afterwards "there is something seriously wrong with you"
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  18. Jim Jeffries. He's on Netflix and has a TV series called "Legit." he's vulgar. I'd take my panties off for him haha.

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  19. Frankie Boyle. Enough said.

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