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  1. Im watching the simpsons right now and been watching it for years, and I was just thinking about how big of a show it really is... Hundreds of episodes and it's still an amazing show to this day, thats unbelievable, most shows get lame when there on that long.. But it really is a classic show, every episodes pretty classic but i'm watching the one where Ned Flanders figures out hes lost out in so much in life and he starts to get in on the best in life and goes to Vegas with homer and they both end up getting hammered and both get married to 2 chicks lol, & the Ganja is making it quite more enjoyable ;) lol plus eating some hash oil Honey I made.. Pretty good stuff, makes TV a lot better, but if anybody else is a fan of the simpsons, comment on this thread...
  2. IMO the Simpsons has gone way down hill in the recent seasons.

    Don't get me wrong, I am pretty much the biggest Simpsons fan there is, but the show sucks these days.
  3. I love the Simpsons. I still love it. I think it's kinda the in thing to diss on the Simpsons.
    I loved on this one Simpsons special they had Simpsons writers talking about how people didn't like the newer Simpsons episodes, and one of them goes "I stopped reading internet posts in 96, thats when they stopped being funny" or something like that
  4. Gonna have to be honest. I stopped enjoying the Simpsons about six or seven years ago.
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    Yeah I feel you, the old episodes deff are better, great show, period lol
  6. Hey dude, Include me also in The Simpsons fan's list. It's the wonderful show to watch.
  7. Yea the older simpsons are damn funny
  8. I hardly think it's the "thing" to hate on the Simpsons. I am a huge fan and have been as long as I can remember. I've watched every episode to date and will continue to as long as they make the show because I'm loyal to the series. However, the Simpsons began their slump around season 12. However, the episodes stayed consistently funny until season 17. After that season you really noticed how bad it has gotten. The voice actors weren't giving it their all, the animation (after switching to digital) felt more sterile and there was less movement. It seemed as if the jump in animation "quality" made up for the lack of quality humor that was once in it. Fast forward to seasons 20-present. They are the worst they'd ever been. The HD animation is even worse, the voice actors really gave up, and I haven't laughed in two seasons.... Also, because the Simpsons have migrated towards current event oriented show, a lot of episodes are focused on Lisa. Which wouldn't be bad if Yeardly Smith was still trying to sound like Lisa and if the character wasn't one of the worst in the show (yes I hate Lisa).

    It's clear the animators/producers/and such aren't concerned with bringing their show out on top, otherwise we would have had a series finale about 4-5 seasons ago. Instead they're going to run it until it's dead and fans (especially long time ones) are going to resent them for doing so.
  9. Its a long ass series, how many episodes are there total so far?
  10. Currently 482.
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    lmao thats intense
  12. But also, another classic show is King of the Hill... the episode where Hank takes a hit off a J on accident thinking it's a cigarette, then bugs out, & then becomes a suspect in a murder. If anybody has time today & has netflix, watch it, it's Season 4 episode 14 Had me laughing pretty hard
  13. yeah the old ones where fantastic but they are absolute shit these days , the best seasons where the ones where homer becomes a member of the stone cutters , when homer thinks Mr burns is an alien ,etc..
  14. has the simpsons done a 420 episode?
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    They had the episode where homer goes on medical marijuana.. Homer starts blazing up a storm lol but that wasn't a 4/20 episode.. idt they have one
  16. ^^^
    Weekend and the Burnsie's. Such a classic episode.
  17. Over 22 years and you haven't seen on episode? I can hardly believe that. :eek:
  18. the simpsons is greatest show ever. I am watching this series since my childhood..
  19. The simpsons has to be one of my all time favorite shows. It's just a fucking classic that's like always been around. Like 4 or 5 years ago it seemed like their quality went down for a couple seasons, but i think their newest stuff is pretty good.
  20. What the fuck are you serious?? I've never seen or heard of this haha I hope your telling the truth i'd love to see that :p

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