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    This show is absolutely genius.

    After years of not really watching it and instead watching family guy, reality shows, discovery, history, stuff like that and never real finding a solid comedy show (Family Guy has gotten worse and worse each episode, it's becoming unwatchable, same with American Dad) I watched an episode of The Simpsons

    The change was immediate, the show is hilarious, I find myself laughing a shit ton when I'm baked. The jokes are genius, the filming style is genius, the stories are genius.

    I can see that 21 seasons has turned this show into nothing but the best.

    It's the funniest show on television.
  2. Yes The Simpsons is classic, cant believe u never got into it. DOH!
  3. Maybe because I was young and didn't like it and it stuck with me

    Hulu has full episodes of it and I was bored so I watched it

    Good decision :D
  4. I LOVE the simpsons! it's my favorite's classic.
  5. Well, the new episodes are a far cry from the older ones. From about season 3 to around season 12-14 are just pure vanilla, best comedic writing ever. However, season 12-14 is the time when the jokes started to get a little... different, they still had some gold in there but it started to become diluted with some lame ones too. It's quite a bit different now a days, I occasionally watch the new ones but they just make me sad and nostalgic for the old ones. They have some ok jokes, but the style of jokes and the characters themselves have changed.

    The old ones had such a perfect combination of wit, sarcasm, stupidity, slapstick, and popular culture/historical references. They had so many references too, but they were very cleverly hidden so if you do get them it's just that much more funny. That's why I appreciate them even more now that I'm older, I liked them as a kid but missed out on a lot of the references and jokes just because I was too young.

    The new writing style seems to rely heavily on just "stupidity", the characters say or do stupid/oblivious things just for a laugh. The characters themselves are dumbed down now, before homer was obviously a bumbling, idiotic oaf but he still said a lot of witty things, intentionally or not. Now, like I said before, he just says stupid stuff with no substance to get a laugh.

    Sorry for the rant, but I felt like I had to get that off my chest.
  6. every time i see an episode of them i find a new joke that i didnt get when i was younger

  7. Haha you just said everything I wanted to say. Thanks for saving me the typing!

  8. Yeah, same here.
  9. Their is a reason they have lasted so long, a few actually.
  10. damn HAVATT..apparently many folks are thinkin the same, because you just said EVERYTHING i think of the simpsons, and quite a few other blades as long as what i told you in the rep........:smoke::smoke::smoke:crAaAaAzy stonerz,, all thinking the same thing
  11. season 2-15 are genius especially season 4 and 8. you americans so lucky that u have hulu
  12. haha glad other people feel the same

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