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  1. I am not sure if this has been a previouse topic but i dont recall seing one on a main page so here it is! They havev been on tv for like 18 years or something!!!! they are funny hell to watch lmao. i am watchin an episode now were Principle Skinner maries Mrs.Krabople lmao. Homer was replacing the batteries and he said to marge"We are all out of triple a batteries so im going to widdle down this D" man what hevent they done?!?! one of my fav espisodes is were Homer is a stoner! best line is "Then call them fingers but I never see them fing....OH there they go"
  2. yeah that site is pretty sweet. what the main reason really is for the topic is that they are pioneers....close to one of the longest running cartoons?maybe? well still like they say on SOuth Park "THE SIMPSONS DID IT!" I remember really stupid quotes from movies and shows:p
  3. Of course, I love The Simpsons. I practically grew up with them. As far back as I can remember, I have been watching The Simpsons. Literally, no other show have I followed as long. From about age 4 to 21, I've been watching.

    Love it. :)
  4. the new simpsons episodes are awful, simpsons reruns i could watch all day.
  5. July 27th-Simpsons Movie, Cant wait!
  6. does anybody else remember when batman was on right before the simpsons?

    yea im a old skool simpsons fan
  7. yeah man that shit should be pretty crazy! anextended episode woot woot!!! lol dude how do u get that thing that shows all the songs u recently listened to?

  8. That's great, I remember looking for some Simpsons online awhile ago but couldn't find any. I just watched this one:

    In their glory years The Simpsons was absolutely incredible, but in the past 8 or so years it has gone steadily downhill. I stopped watching last season though, so it could have picked back up, but I doubt it.
  9. the new simpsons episodes suuuuck but the new ones are hilarious

    im pretty sure matt groening or however you spell it is a stoner:smoke:
  10. You just blew my mind

    As awesome as The Simpsons are, they should have ended the series by now. It'll be a weird day when there are no new Simpsons episodes, but they're just diluting the show's status by pumping out these crappy new episodes. There used to be a definite point when the show jumped the shark, but now even those bad episodes seem like golden oldies by comparison.
    What are everyone's top 5 Simpsons episodes of all time?

    Mine are:
    S1E10 - Homer's Night Out
    ............Homer gets photographed dancing with a stripper at a bachelor party and gets a huge party animal reputation
    S2E02 - Simpson and Delilah
    ............Homer uses a hair growth tonic and gets his hair back and a promotion at work
    S3E04 - Bart the Murderer
    ............Bart works for Fat Tony and starts making mad loot but gets accused of Skinner's apparent murder
    S3E10 - Flaming Moes
    ............Homer invents an alcoholic drink. Moe takes the credit and gets rich while Homer plots his revenge.
    S6E09 - Homer Badman
    ............Homer is accused of sexual harassment by a babysitter
  11. Longest running (active) television show if I'm not mistaken and its by far my favorite show of all time.

    Warden: There's no air in space
    Homer: There's an air n' space museum
  12. I'm gonna watch the Simpsons tonight now.
  13. QFT

    I havent even watched the simpsons for a couple seasons now, ever since i saw the episode where bart moved into his own apartment, and was like skateboarding with tony hawk and going to the vans tour. Sucks ass
  14. haha fuck that episode.
  15. The best simpsons episode ever is the one where Homer starts smoking weed.
  16. LOL The same one where Homer rides a skateboard with the technology to fly...Weaksauce
  17. The movie looks fuckin hilarious. Definitely going to see that one.
  18. seasons 5 to 9 are the best
    i've been watching season 8 for the past 3 days non stop haha

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