The Simpsons

Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. So who's with me on this being their favorite show? Nothing like seeing good old Homer when I'm fried out of my gord!! And of course we can't forget about Barney now can we? And Abu, and well you get the point!!
  2. the simpsons rule!!!
  3. what namrol siad for lack of beter vocakabuly
  4. they are exponentially mesmerizingly THC material.
  5. timzing it by squraed in the easy bake!
  6. like my newest av?

    i do..

    i get the feeling he is stoned...and laughing his ass off.
  7. you do have an alter ego dont you?

  8. It's a great av Norm!! Much better than your ass IMHO!!
  9. i'm totally w/ you there, simpsons were the best cartoons EVER made! there's others that come close but none can compare
  10. Right on, right on. I like King of the Hill too, but it's not even close. "Damnit Bobby!"
  11. i like ol ded gum ol boomhower man oo wee
  12. And who could forget good ol Bill Doughtry?
  13. i wanna learn how to speak boomhower.
  14. You do that and I'll reimburse you for the four footer!
  15. No, I'll have to catch the repeat on Comedy Central. That will be badass!!
  16. ::circus music plays::

    ::monkey runs in and grabs your stash::

    ::bubbling noises comes from normans direction::
  17. dude, i saw one of the late night talk shows, and the creators of the simpson were on it, and those two guys are totally funny. THey were doing the voices of the charactures and shit... off the hook. that was funny as hell....
  18. I caught the repeat on comedy central. It was extremely badass!! I can never get enough of the Simpsons!!
  19. thats funny, i know i kid who's name is billy dougherty
  20. Hey Jade!! I hope my karma found ya yesterday and that today is a better day for ya!

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