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  1. Anyone else still consider the Simpsons from say season 3-14 the greatest show in the history of television? I watch a lot of TV shows religiously but still can't go past the golden era of the Simpsons. I feel that the newer and shitter (if that's a word) episodes are hurting the legacy of what was once a great show.
  2. The old episodes were great, but its long past time for it to be cancled.
  3. seasons 1-11 were the best years. season 4 & 7 specifically, there were great episodes in those two seasons
  4. It was great but it desperately needs to end. They should've ended it a long time ago when it was more popular and before a decent handful of viewers were just tired of it. It missed the opportunity for a series finale it deserved
  5. atleast there is still futurama.
  6. I'm watching it right now, I agree the old episodes were better but the new ones aren't that bad I don't want it to be cancelled
  7. [quote name='"Broses"']atleast there is still futurama.[/quote]

    Eh.. I don't like the new episodes of Futurama much either. It hasn't been the same since Comedy Central got it. It still is alright and has the occasional awesome episode though
  8. as it happens, i am making my way back through the simpsons.
    I have 1-9, so I consider those the best. The last episode i remember being awesome was Das Bus. The lord of the flies one? that's seaosn 9, but there are some stinkers in season 9.
    Anyway, currently on season 3, episode 11: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
    Which is an all time favorite.
    I can't find a good video of the "land of chocolate" on youtube, but it's on hulu.
  9. [ame=]The Simpsons - "I'll never drink another beer" - YouTube[/ame]
    "Hmm, Barney's movie had heart, but Football In The Groin had a football in the groin..."
    [ame=]the simpsons - beer coffee - YouTube[/ame]
  10. I see you have played knifey spoony before
  11. i watch the simpsons every day ive seen every episode like 3 times, i know from the intro skits xD

  12. Same. There are so many episodes I could quote start to end. Same with the movie Liar Liar, I have that thing memorized start to finish. If they ever make a remake I should be the go to guy, but thats another story.
  13. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']I see you have played knifey spoony before[/quote]

    I see what you did there.
  14. I hope this show runs forever.

    I don't want it to be cancelled man, reminds me of so many good times :)
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    Its a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are trying to have sex with them... as is my understanding..

  16. what? the new episodes (season 6 anyways, i havent seen much of the most recent season) are hilarious. the only episode i didnt like was that shitty christmas episode.

    infact i think i might actually prefer the newer stuff. the professor is just too damn funny.

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