The Simple Things in Life

Discussion in 'General' started by washedmothafuka, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I just am trying to enjoy the simple things in life instead of worrying about where I'm going in the future so much. Had Thanksgiving feast today, smoked a j and now sappin on a fat tire and watching Forest Gump. Even saw a fat meteor dive into the horizon while smoking, pretty much the icing on the cake. What about you all.

    What are some simple things do you blades and bladies enjoy in life?
  2. Eating, enjoying myself, sleeping.

    That's as simple as it gets.
  3. That wasnt a meteor, that was aliens landing on earth in a space craft, that penetrared the earths crust and went 50miles below surface to get into their tripods they buried 2000 years ago. Yea dude your gonna die...
  4. Toking up amongst nature, animals, and the ocean

  5. My dog
    My jeep
    Smoking weed in my jeep with my dog.

    aaaand internet trolls, like catfishswimming...:smoke:
  6. Sleeping.
    And being alive.
  7. Pissing. Cumming. Shitting.

  8. I thought you woulda said 'Grabbing bananas!'
  9. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']

    I thought you woulda said 'Grabbing bananas!'[/quote]

    Add Arrested Development to the list then too
  10. no....... just no...
  11. [quote name='"catfish swiming"']
    no....... just no...[/quote]

    It won emmy's and! is not the time.. One day all will realize it was the best television show ever made.
  12. I don't like to consider myself as a troll. I like to consider myself as a "funny guy". But i bet im lame as fuck in reality.
  13. i am sorry but what i have seen i donot like. I just really cant get into TV much these days. It may be great for you but it all comes down to preference.
  14. Food, Music and Laughter.
  15. Someone out there actually dislikes Arrested Development?

    I thought it impossible
  16. "you gotta enjoy the little things" talahassee from zombieland
  17. I don't work out much, but when I do I love the feeling of knowing I put energy into improving myself :D

    meh cba to think of anything else.
  18. "phew!"
    the feeling of relief is a great simple pleasure
    like losing something important... then finding it.
  19. All this AD hate.
    It's disheartening, really.

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