The Shower Head

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  1. My wife uses the shower head to get herself off, she relaxes back, spreads her lips and lets the water flow out on her clit.

    It feels good for the guy too, but I can't seem to get off that way though, not enough to push me over the edge.

    Any of you guys/girls use the shower head? Details?

    I've used one of those large massage things from like brookstone and pressing that against my cock does get me off, especially when I can vary the speed, I just seem to pump more and more cum the longer I do it.

    What about you guys/gals?
  2. I have used a shower head on chicks put never used it on myself for pleasure lol.
  3. I discovered this by mistake was awesome lol.
  4. Never used it on myself but I was aware of the many uses for women. My first gf told me about it. My mind was blown
  5. i must be doing it wrong cos the few times I tried it ain't working
  6. I do and love it. I put it on pulsating jet mode. hehe I know a lot of girls that love shower heads. Idk about guys though.
  7. Lol OP, you're always posting some suspect shit.
  8. [quote name='"IrunGC"']Lol OP, you're always posting some suspect shit.[/quote]

    This made me go check out his threads. He definitely knows how to get some good discourse going! He also usually posts and then leaves....equally hilarious
  9. I have used it, but I don't have a shower head anymore so I lay underneath the faucet after my baths. That works great, but I'm pretty sure laying under the faucet will only work for short girls.
  10. I love it, I think if you used a vibrator a lot it wouldn't work as well. But it works really well for me, something about the massage mode and the hot water haha. Feels great
  11. HELL YES! but, it's necessary to have a shower head you can disconnect and move around and it also has to have the "jet" mode like someone else above mentioned.

    Unfortunately I don't have one at my house but I discovered this little secret while on vacation in a friend's condo in florida. Probably gave me the best self-induced orgasm I've ever experienced!
  12. [ame=]Eve 6 - Showerhead - YouTube[/ame]

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