The show sweet sixteen

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  1. Any blade ever been to one of these parties from the shows? I fucking love watching this shit high.
  2. I fucking hate that show rich bitchy little kids
  3. I hate watching kid's parents spend 100k+ on them because they turn some meaningless number in their spoiled lives.
  4. If they spent all that money on alcohol, then I'd maybe consider going....until then, fuck that show:laughing:
  5. I love the ridiculousness of this show lol but seriously I bet a blade here has attended one of these:eek:
  6. That show disgusts me. Most of those kids need their asses beat for the way they disrespect their parents. If either of my girls treated me the way some of those kids treat their parents, not only would they NOT get their precious party, they would have to personally deliver all their presents to the nearest St. Vincent De Paul, and donate them to kids who would appreciate them.
  7. I'd actually watch that show if Pearl was one of the moms:smoke:^^^
  8. By watching that show I'm supporting the behaviour of those shitty humans. Therefor, I don't watch it.
  9. sounds like some people are jealous that they didnt get a party like that. most of the kids seem pretty nice to me not bratty but ive only seen like 2 episodes
  10. Oh, Lord, that's just what I need is my own reality show. :p

  11. :laughing::laughing: I'd just love to see the look on the kid's face when you tell them that all their gifts are going to children in need. Priceless...
  12. I know what you mean, If its on when I'm high I will watch it.

    But the show is shit! And the kids....
  13. Hell yeah everyone's jealous, doesn't make it right. Who isn't jealous that they get more money spent on them for their 16th birthday than most people get spent on them their whole lives.

    It's pathetic how they act and stupid to be broadcasting it on TV.
  14. I dont even remember my 16th birthday. I stopped caring about birthdays when I was like 12.
  15. I don't have cable because of shit like this on tv
  16. No because mtv is a cesspool
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    Sweet Sixteen is pretty ridiculous. I saw one episode 5 years ago and that was quite enough for me.

    Those girls treat their parents like shit on their shoe, then expect/get the "party of their dreams". It's disgusting. It teaches that if you're rich enough, and cry enough when things don't go your way, you'll reap the reward of getting what you want; sounds just like my rich little 4 & 6 year old cousins. -_-
  18. When I used to have cable, I NEVER watched MTV. That channel is a shitshow

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