The 'Shotty'

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  1. This is for all the people who can't afford to but piece's.

    A step by guard. I hope it helps people out. And even people with pieces will give it ago.

    Okay what you need is an empty Coke bottle, A Coke can and a elasticated band.

    First of cut top and bottom off coke can so It will look like a pipe. Then cut a straight line down the middle of it so its like rectangle sheet of metal, roll this up so I will look like a cig. (This is your pipe).Now get the bottle take the lid off and label. Put a hole in it about 3 quarters down, now put your pipe in the hole. Fill up bottle with water so it will cover the hole by about 5cm. Then get the elastic band and put it around the neck of bottle and pipe so it will look like a figure '8' (This is to support the pipe.)

    What most people do is put a bit of Tobacco in it as a plug then put about as much weed on as your little finger nail.

    Then basically do the same action as a bong.

    Now Here is your 'Shotty' Used in England as a cheap man's bong. Highly effective easy to use and get you very high. Reason its called a shotty I believe is because its a one hitter.

  2. nice guide guy, god damn I am glad I have glass :D

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