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the shotty heard 'round the world...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. i meant to post this like a week ago... damn stml...

    a while back some friends and i were getting all schtoned with a blunt almost as fat as my thumb. my friend asks me to blow him a shotty, so i was like "get ready... i'm gonna blow your head off"

    so he breathed in and out deeply a couple times to prepare himself, and i proceeded to blow him a shotty that not only blew his head off... it made his nose bleed. LOL. and to top things off... he asked for another one not too long afterwards... so i did it again. blew him a massive gun, he coughs his ass off, and nose starts dripping...


    LOL. i made the dude's nose bleed twice in 10 minutes. :D now he thinks twice before asking me for a gun. LMAO!
  2. hahaha...taking shotties thru the nose is great, if you can get past the pain the first couple of times....with the guys I hang out with I'm the only girl who attempts's all in good fun :D
  3. ...he took it through his mouth... coughed so hard his nose started bleeding... i still laugh my ass off when i think about it, LOL.

    and hempress... you're insane. i took a gun through the nose once and almost died (not literally). it was definately harsh, but well worth it! LOL.

    we have a thing around here... the person giving the shotty, takes a decent sized hit and holds it. they then proceed to leave enough of the blunt sticking out of their mouth so that the person receiving the gun can put his or her mouth on the end like they were taking a hit. the gun deliverer then blows like mad and the gun receivee coughs their insides out :D
  4. the best part about it is you all you smell is weed for about half an hour...the first time I kept thinking maybe I needed to do my shirt laundry...but it was just the resin in my nose :p

  5. LMAO! i like it when all i can smell is weed :D
  6. LOL Hempress. I don't know, but takin one to the nose doesn't sound like a very pleasant experience....

  7. it is painful the first couple of times, but well worth it...the THC goes straight to your head! :D
  8. haaaaaa thats fucked up man..

  9. lol, he asked for it... he always tells me to blow him an insane shotty... so i did :D

  10. Quoted.
  11. okay, by shotty you mean you had the blunt in your mouth, exhaling through the blunt and the cherry into the inhaling lungs of the other person right?

    Some people mean different stuff.

  12. and you can scrape your nose out for rez later!

  13. lol

    i have taken a shotty through the nose, we call them insanes around here. fucks you up quick. never been able to do two in a row though, i think i would die or or at least fall to the ground coughing my lungs and blowing what ever was in my nose out.

  14. yeah, that's what we meant :D
  15. ^^^ what hempress said ^^^

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