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The Shotgun, Has it gone the way of the dinosaurs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokaification, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. #1 Smokaification, Sep 27, 2009
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    Shotguns, guns, Charges, whatever u call it, when u blow through the lit end of a blunt and someone inhales the smok comin out.

    Me and my comrades did this almost every blunt but now no one even offers, are shotguns dead?

    Do u ever give/recieve shotguns to/from ur friends?

    BONG SHOTGUN EDIT: I havnt done this often because my friends dont like to experiment with weed like i do, but ive shotguned a bowl before.

    Heres wat i did, u can only do it the first couple of hits because the bowl gets hot but u pack a full bowl(not a snap) and after the first hit or two u put ur mouth around the lit bowl and blow while someone else hits the bong as normal.
  2. yea ive done it before but just seems pointles
  3. Never tried. Something about sharing smoke that's already been in someones lungs doesn't sit with me. I like my own smoke :)
  4. id feel like i was making out, so not unless it was a chick would i even consider it.
    i know a lotta ppl who do it tho
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    If you do the cherry end first method it'll be clean smoke for the other person, but it scares people to stick cherried blunts/joints in their mouths (if you do it right you don't get burnt but its kinda freaky the first time)

    Do you mean when you actually put the blunt/joint in your mouth cherry end first and then blow? Those are awesome and get the other person reaaal stoned, but I think it's gone outta style cos of its cuasihomosexual appearance
  6. i dont do shottys like when its already in sombodys lungs when we do it u put the cherried part of the blunt in your mouth and blow and smoke comes out the end and another person sucks it up. i do it every now and then
  7. naw its used to get offered all the time but it is pretty gay and pointless...
  8. as for me i feel like it gives a stronger hit and i feel higher if its done correctly

    I dont inhale any smoke before i do it, its all comin from the blunt

    Why?, u dont touch lips and if ur really freaked by it then make a tunnel with ur hand and be even further away, you have some type of complex, ur insecure in ur manhood, im srry that prevents u from doin things, i know ur gonna get ur big boy briefs in a knot and try to argue that ur not afraid of wat ppl thin or that im gay but w/e

    yea, i dunno wtf and y ppl are so "omg im gonna turn gay" about every fuckin thing
  9. The only time I ever did it was when someone would put the cherry inside there mouth. In my opinion its kinda pointless and just wastes time, unless its with a girl then Im game:p Ive done it with an actual shotgun before(I checked to make sure it was unloaded about 50 times) That be be alittle scary when you do it.

  10. Yea, thats cool, ive wanted to do the real shotgun thing, really just to do it. now i dont really care. i dont think shotguns are pointless if done right (ud be surprised at how many ppl cant blow shotguns) i cant tell u how many times ive heard "yo dawg i blow tha bestest charges eva nugga"! and i inhale and inahle and blow out half a first timers hit, tis pointless then, but then i hand to my partner and they proceed to blow my head off and im a happy man.
  11. Its been quite a while since I have been offered or offered a shotgun. Im my time, well younger days, it was a big deal, every time we smoked it was alwasy done, seemed to give a larger hit off a joint than normal, that was the reason. But I feel it brought people closer, Not GAY just closer, like feeling like you know a person better type thing.

    Anyhow I think today its dead i cant see a bunch of guys shotgunning today off a blunt or whatever, seems out of date and there are better ways now to get bigger and bigger hits.

    Now on that note me and my wife share lung smoke all the time, its a bit hot for her out of a joint or bowl so i take the hit and share with her, she takes what she can and we both hold the hit. She gets more baked than me and if anything she is getting cleaner smoke since my lungs take out most the harshness. But I wouldnt do this with anyone other than my wife and never for a friend or anyone, it would be a bit creepy!

    Big YES, the shotgun is dead!
  12. ^ extensive answer, thank u for responding, I think we should try to bring it back, maybe as a special occasion thing or sumthing.
  13. its a waste. i used to have a friend who always wanted shotguns. every single blunt. and never paid for the weed nor knew how to properly take a shotgun. i would just rather sit back and smoke the blunt. its so much more satisfying
  14. They call 'em 'supers' around here.

    and yes, do it quite often. Female friends only.
  15. are u guys like puttin ur mouth around the blunt to take the gun?

    around here u wait like a 1/2 inch away from the blunt and inhale the stream of smoke (i think it looks cool) ive seen ppl take guns like they were smokin or the gunner/gun taker put their mouths on each
  16. Shotguns are something very few people seem interested in doing anymore. When me and my friends used to do it, the one person would put the cherry in their mouth and blow, and the other person would put their mouth an inch or so away from the blunt and suck it up. It probably does waste a little smoke, but I feel you get bigger hits cause the person blowing is pushing it into your lungs.

    I wouldn't do shotguns anymore cause I developed asthma and now I have to take smaller hits or feel like my lungs are dying. But honestly, no one lately even ever brings it up.
  17. Man I haven't had a shottie in years. We used to do them all the time back in the day but now it's like everyone forgot. Defiantly get you nice and toasty. :smoking:
  18. Hahah that shit is so wack, especially when you see two dudes doing it.
  19. How do I do this?

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