the shoppin mall

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by POt10smoker, May 19, 2004.

  1. aight one time me and my guy was at the local shopping mall and we eatin cause we had munchies like a mu fucker... and we sitting there and i see these poeple walkin up toward us sitting at a table eating and the one is about 7 foot 275-300 lbs and looks liek frakenstien and there was a lady walking next to him that was bout 4'5'' 120 lbs... with a dirty ass bike helmet on walkn through the mall... they had othe rpoeple with them that didnt look much different it was like the old tv show "the munsters" lol me and my boy jus started laughin and i was on the phone with my girlfriend and i had to hang up cause i was laughin so hard we just got up and left... still funny to think about
  2. haha funny how you notcie the weirdest shit?
  3. Lol today in the park we saw a weird woman with a pigeon on her arm and a squirrel on her shoulder, and she speaking to them as if they were human, it confused us so much, i couldnt understand how animals were so tame towards her.
  4. ^^^lol u were baked right? u had to have been.
  5. haha lol good story man
  6. Yeh we were all comletely fucked, had smoked so much. I was just cracking up with laughter, and my friend even managed to take a photo of her.
  7. omg please get the pic from your friend! i would love to see that.

    edit: lol it reminds me of the movie home alone 2 :)...u kno the lady that has like 50 birds surrounding her...ah man ima dork

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