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The Shop

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RIPPED, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. every time i go there i want to get out my credit card and go nuts go check it out they got the lowest prices i have ever seen. i realy want that vaporizer its the way to go. has anybody bought stuff from the city? what did you get? and what would you get if money didnt matter?
  2. i buy from local headshops, cheaper and u have it the same day
  3. I have gotten several items from the city...

    It doesn't take that long to get, and the quality is well worth it..

    I don't have the vaporiser, but that is next on my list!
  4. Its really weird...some things are cheaper at local headshops for me but other things are actually a lot cheaper on the gc...I really want to get agent blue from the gc but I have to wait 2 more months till I am back home :( ageeeenttttt blueeee!
  5. If money didn't matter?

    Hell, I'd get one of everything in the Citys shop.
  6. If money didn't matter, I would get all of their exclusive pieces, a volcano, pfwoot, and the agent blue.
  7. everyone talks about getting a vap but i dont really have any interest in them. idlike to try it once but i like regular methods of smoking jsut fine :D
  8. if you want to try a vaporizor make one to see if you like it

    if it turns out that you hate it then throw it away save some money
    if you like it then get a good one
    its better to at least see what its like before you shell out 100$ for something you dont like
  9. Vaporisers help save on weed.. Smoking a join6t or bong or what ever, the pot is still burning when you aren't toking..

    A vaporiser will let you get a full hit but noit waste any of the weed.....

    Myself I love a vaporiser..
  10. I own a vap, and i like the fact that its so easy on the lungs. I am a regular smoker (bud & cigs) but the bud is the most harsh on my lungs, so the vap helps me from beating up my lungs!! The bud has a way different taste. But the vap is great, other than its not portable :( but i still enjoy smokin the regular way.

  11. thats why you just snuff the bowl with the lighter after you hit it.
  12. see, prices may seem really low, then u add in shipping (compared to gas to drive to a local headshop). I wonder if anyone actually gets the Fedex. $70 rofl. But yea I see some of the things on the City and I wanna just buy em twice (lol). Hell I'll pay the $10 shipping and wait 1-2 weeks for tons of the stuff they got on there.

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