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The Shoddy Digit Clone Poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KraziHare, Apr 18, 2003.


Is mooglekexin a shoddy Digit clone? (he asked first)

  1. Yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  3. Wait, doesn't this poll make Krazi a shoddy Digit clone?

    0 vote(s)
  4. What are you talking about? Leave the poor guy alone.

    0 vote(s)
  5. Mooglekexin: "Stop making fun of me or I'll kick you in the Kupo nuts!!!"

    0 vote(s)
  1. Who's the shoddiest of them all?

    Maybe it's me...
  2. ah well i had to do the last one didnt i ???

    hehe i laughed lots when i read this.

  3. oh dear.... the clone wars have begun

    what have u started moogleK.....

    ... oh wait was it me who started it? or krazi? or another clone!? i can't tell us appart... we all the same! lol

    laffin my ass of @ all dis.

    just kiddin tho... had to vote against the clonage.

    we all individuals.
  4. I voted yes- just because I wanted to be different- and I hope you appreciate the irony of that: wanting to be different on a poll about cloning.
  5. irony appreciated.

    but only cos u pointed it out. :)

    so what's gonna happen if another ten people come in and ruin your individuality by cloning your vote?
  6. Clones make me nervous. I think I'm just going to forget to vote like I normally always do. Don't clone my non-vote people!!

    Switchy Boy tends to point out the irony in certain situations...which can be very helpful when one has an intense high that keeps them from missing out on the irony of it all.
  7. clones make u nervous?

    even clones of ganja plants?
  8. No, not ganja plants, silly.

    Clones of you, your polls, sheep....those kinds make me nervous.
  9. hahahahahaha! ... sheep...

    haha--ha ---cough --hee--couch-cough ah... oh.

    yeah... it is kinda scary when u think about it.

    but i wouldnt worry about it... sci fi has never understood what a clone would be like.... its always frankensteinised. there will never be a clone of you walking around like they r your twin... it doesnt work like that.
  10. 2 Rumjil's...that would almost be as bad as 2 Digits!!! ;)
  11. There's always that classic sci fi canundrum (sp?) about 'teleporting' people;

    you map out someone's physical make up and then copy it in another place, the problem is what do you do with the original? do you destroy it? is there a way for more than one to exist without feeling threatened in some manner? if you do it wouldn't that mean that you would die while some doppleganger of yourself that thought and looked exactly like you ran around? crazy shit...

    maybe someone should make a shoddy digit irony poll
  12. I know for a fact that you already have a clone Digit! He's called Devin Townsend and is a musician of the highest order from Cananda:

    Attached Files:

  13. LMAO, I was like yeah, I probaby wont vote on this on, then I finish reading, NOT to clone your non-vote, but if I point it out and make a valid point of my own is it really a clone?
    well Im not voting cause the button on my mouse is all sticky. so there!
  14. haychiwi - hahahahahaWTF!?!?!HAHAHAHAHAhahahahaAHHAHAHahhAhHahahahAhA ... no but seriously..... wtf!?

    i have a clone who can jam!? hahaha!


    maybe not an exact clone... something went wrong as he went through the teleporter so that only the hair was exactly the same. hehe.

    and for the record... 2 rumjils would be really cool... maybe we could get loads of rumjils and share them around .. then we all could have one.

    I've always wondererd what it would be like if ther was another me... what insane conversations we would have.

    and sensimily...... my braincells are quivering with pain and confusion at that. but as for the sticky mouse... it must be cloning juice... it goes like that if u leave it out for a while.
  15. C'mon, Digit...cloning juice? That's Sensi you're talking's not going to be cloning juice!!! ;)

    If there was another Digit and you guys hung out together, the world might stand still for at least an hour or so. I couldn't even imagine what that would be like. It would lean towards insanity but in a good way...if that's possible for insanity to be good! :) Loads of Rumjil's would be nothing but chaos in me, you don't want that!
  16. hey... i want a clone... we can call him IGotTheMunchies :D

    i don't think a clone of myself would be good for the world. they don't know what to do with the first 1 yet... so i doubt we'll be seeing a second any time soon :p lmao!

    oo... everyone gets their own rmjl? LOL we should clone mrsD so we can all have biskits all the time.

  17. Did you say something about church???
  18. now now... you know i did :D
  19. I think I may need directions because I can't seem to find the church.

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