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  1. Well on St. Patty's day i was hangin out w/ some friends playing beerpong, drinkin some beam, smokin, and getting generally rowdy when my boy approached me and passed me a small pouch. i peeked inside and to my surprise i found, The Sherriff of Pottingham.


    It must have been like 6 years ago, but we went to Ozzfest during the summer and were having a good time at the smaller stage when we decided to go take a walk around. We ended up finding the "stanky danky" clothing booth. There was a band there signing some autographs. (I only found out that it was American Head Charge when i saw them go on stage later.) they kept shouting, "will somone PLEASE fire up some FUCKING weed?!?!"

    When they finished signing autographs, i walked over, sparked a J and handed it to one of them. After getting some autographs and sharing some stories we end up chilling at this booth with the owner (stanky) and his cousin (cousin). We chummed it up and actually at one point, they had both left and my boy and i were in charge of the whole damn booth for a while while the owners, armed with backstage passes and backpacks full of trees, were off doing nefarious activities. the majority of the time though, we were 'hired thugs', keeping our eyes on the merchandise and watching out for creepers.

    nearing the end of the day now... we got a "break" from the booth and went to go see manson and slipknot play. Jolly good show. By this time, its dark and people are starting to file out of the fairgrounds, leaving the lost, incapacitated, and dedicated fans to regroup and attempt an exit. We walked past the booth one last time and cousin greeted both of us with a smile and 2 pouches that stank like some shit. He shook my hand, thanked myself and my boy for our services, and that was it.

    Upon opening the pouch we found an 8th of some bomb trees, and a brand new sparkling bowl.

    my bowl got jacked by some a-hole in highschool one night, so i was pretty devistated to find out that it was missing. that piece held more sentimental value than any other i've owned. (not even the zong could compete)


    i open this pouch that my homie handed me to find the bowl he was given, all those years ago. The legend still lives on.

    So now, after having to read this long story that means so much to me, and so little to you...

    Let me introduce you to the Sherriff of Pottingham.

    never been cleaned.

    cleaned it as best i could.

    So thats it. Thanks for listening. peace GC.
  2. kickass story! imma read it before i go to bed tonight! +rep for having my attention the whole way through
  3. YEah great story, you are a lucky man, free trees for the win!
  4. I can't imagine the look on your face when you saw the Sheriff again :). +rep
  5. Awesome story!! To bad that asshole stole your bowl that they gave you.
  6. haha great story man, and killer bowl +rep
  7. now thats a true friend :)

    sounds like ya both would get right along with me as I'd have smoked 'em out and watched their stand free of charge as well

    curse us kind hearted helpful stoners...we're a zillion times worse then a drunk behind the wheel :/
  8. good story

    i respect that peice.

    I thought you had some pics of that bomb herb though, oh well.
  9. Just christened it on my balcony. I got a nice, fuzzy, familiar high goin. I gots no complaints today...:smoking:
  10. That's beautiful, and what a great story. Figure this deserves some rep :)
  11. Thats was an amazing story +rep

    and herbsintheburbs your sig is badass
  12. Thats a nice piece. You gotta rez that thing up again the colors are sick when its rezed up.

    That piece reminds me of DBW chillum
  13. upon your request, i'm going to take a trip outside for a quick bowl. :D I cant wait to get those colors back.
  14. Dank story man and the sherriff is one of the sickest lookin pipe iv seen in awhile +rep man
  15. damn nice story

    I wish I had a story like that of my own...
  16. Awesome story, man. Congratulations on your reunion with an old friend.

  17. i kno right who ever jakced that shit is a dick and that story coul be a book if it was liek a hundred pages longer lol
  18. p.s. +rep and the colors were indeed sick as hell resiny
  19. sick pipe man i wish i had one like that +rep
  20. Sweet pipe dude, looks like it hits hard and strong.

    Someone please fucking tell me how to give rep for this shit.

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