The Shakes?

Discussion in 'General' started by sxesadie, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Last night I got really good and high with an old friend and about 20 minutes into my high my teeth started chattering involuntarily. That's happened before and no one notices but me but then my leg started shaking and my whole body kind of shook like I was cold. I felt great though and knew it was just because I was stoned but does this happen to anyone else?? And if so do you know why??
  2. only on ecstasy... But I have a couple theories - maybe you're dehydrated? I know I am chronically.

    I wouldn't worry about it though =) s' long as you feel good
  3. my teeth dont chatter but thy clench when i get good and high...not from being dehydrated for me, maybe for you tho...i keep 2litre bottles of water and koolaid around and i go thru like 4 of em a day..if not more:p
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    I used to be a maddd twitcher when I first smoked, now only if I'm insanely high will like... my leg twitch a little bit here and there.

    On uppers though, I have to chew gum or else I'm chewin my lip or biting my nails. Not really a twitcher, but I move more often.

    I notice on uppers I feel cold, but that's because my eating habit switches gears to... not eating... so blood sugar goes down. goooosebumps.
  5. nope. never. maybe you should put on a coat or something?
  6. ya, maybe you were cold, but so stoned you couldn't feel it.. haha
  7. Reread your post... probably was low blood sugar... if this happens again get some candy (lifesavers work great) and see if it helps.
  8. you were cold or dehydrated or malnourished
  9. happened to me last night. but i was riding in a car w/ all the windows down and the temperature was like 65 at that point in the night. its nothing to be worried about.
  10. I wasn't cold at all though, I would have gotten goosebumps and plus we have a shit ton of humidity in GA so even night time is atleast 78. And I had a few beers before smoking and and later had bad cotton mouth, but how would being high and dehydrated affecte me to the point of shaking?
  11. I don't chatter like that, but I do find myself tapping my foot or my knee occasionally if I get really bored like if I'm riding in the car or something.

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