the sexy young cannabis smuggler i draw

Discussion in 'General' started by jasi, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Here it is at last.:yay:- this is the strip I draw each day about cannabis smuggling. It\'s here at . Light up, take a few blasts (not too many), and click on and read about the sexy young cannabis smuggler I draw.

    Let me know what you think of the story:)
  2. why does she have to smuggle brick weed?

    why cant she smuggle dank

    thats lame
  3. thats a cool comic :d
  4. Thanks Smokey Bear , glad you liked it.:smoke:
  5. \"Sexy?\" I have a mole on my ass I\'m more attracted to.

  6. hahahaha +rep agreed
  7. hahahaha:smoke:
  8. you all should be fuckin ashaimed of your selves! he comes here, brand new to the city to show off his hard ass work and all he gets are insults and shit talked about his art. how very un grasscity of you all. please dont judge the city by the way these pricks with ears are acting. im gonna start handing out neg reps like candy for this kind of shit. fuckin rediculous!

    anyway i love it mang. thats some serious skill.

    Watch the name-calling, JWS. *RMJL
  9. QFT

    I like the comic, good job man
  10. I dunno man, it\'s valid criticism. I don\'t see how you spin it any other way than being somewhat harsh.

  11. What the fuck? We are entitled to our own opinions, man, so stop being such an egomaniac and bitching at people that don\'t agree with you. Seriously man, that\'s just completely fucking pathetic and petty. You\'ve got your own neg rep commin\' as soon as my 24 hours is over. Grow the fuck up and get a life.

  12. im not saying that you are not entitled to your own opinion. if you dont care for it then just say so in a polite manner or give your thoughts on how to make it better. you need not liken his hard work to a mole on your damn ass. thats sooo disrespectful. how would you like if you spent a bajillion hours working your ass off for somthing that you were very very proud of and someone comes and just sheds you for it. kinda fucked up.
  13. Since when is

    considered valid criticism?

  14. Dude, pay attention. I never fucking said the comic was shit. In fact, I like it. But I just don\'t the main character sexy like the OP said. Big difference.
  15. It\'s one thing to offer constructive criticism or just say that you don\'t dig something but being outright rude and disrespectful isn\'t something that\'s welcome here. If you want to hate on people, their talents, their beliefs, etc...I suggest you go elsewhere.

    To the OP...the negative comments aren\'t indicative of our City vibes. Overall, we\'re a chill stoner community. Please don\'t let these members turn you away...and that goes to all new members who experience things such as this.
  16. Since you\'ve learned the definition of criticism

    Blutteufel was obviously reciprocating that he thinks that protagonist is unattractive. Ergo it is criticism. I\'ll have you note I didn\'t call it constructive.

    and head4life was communicating a unsatisfying distance between his ideal fictional storyline and the one depicted.

    Both comments are totally valid, if rude. I\'m not saying I agree with either of them, but if you\'re going to be putting your work out there, then prepare to have it judged, relentlessly if so.
  17. Since this guys thread has been hit hard with all of this, I\'m closing this and copying it.
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