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The Sex Positive Thread.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by treelover, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I wanted to start a sex positivity blog, but instead will start a thread here to see if I actually have a knack at it.

    Purpose: Legitimately address sincere questions about human sexuality, question what we know/ are told about human sexuality, and hopefully provide a safe environment to discuss sex. This is the sex,love and relationships forum after all, shouldn't there be something ALL ABOUT SEX (yes, caps were needed there and yes I am yelling that)

    Once a week I will pick a featured topic to do with human sexuality and ramble .
    What makes me qualified to do this? Nothing really.
    I am a Psychology Major, hoping to focus more on sexuality in grad school, but I have learned more from the kink scene and my friends about sex positivity then I can ever learn in a textbook.

    For those of you that do not know what this "crazy new fad"(remember free love? No, neither do I was born in 1991 but the concept is similar..but with more condoms!)
    is... link to the wiki page- it is pretty legitimate-> Sex-positive movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hope to hear some enlightening thoughts and questions *crosses fingers*

    PLEASE, use respectful language!
  2. So will you randomly choose a topic each day/week to discuss or are you looking for us to pick the subject?
    If its the latter than I'm definitely in need of some advice.
    While I've read quite a bit on the subject I still can't execute it as well as I'd like to.
    My girl loves it but I have a tough time keeping up.
    My main problem is the strength of my tongue. I can't go more than 15 minutes without feeling completely exhausted. And another problem is I lack technique which stems from inexperience. So, care to give a few pointers?
  3. I don't think ive ever had a truly satisifying sexual experience while using a condom and for that reason as a man, i will only get with women on birth control, for now.

    Once the male sterilization shot comes out (ONE SHOT, 10 YEARS, HOLLLLLLAAAAA!!!) Gonna be shootin' loads into errbody.

    So i guess as a first question from a psychological stand point of a woman, would you find a man MORE attractive or LESS attractive who has that shot and how would having a man who had that shot in your life impact your own in regards to not having to use your own birth control?
  4. I will pick a topic once a week to discuss in depth for example if chose this I would probably go broader and talk about the importance of foreplay in sex, different kinds (including oral sex)...or just oral sex in general it doesn't have to be foreplay.
    I just want to get more responses before I pick a topic, will write in depth on a topic next week.

    Quick pointer
    If your mouth gets tired, integrate your fingers. Don't be rough . tease tease tease. Then when she can't take it anymore, and your mouth is ready for it go for it again. Teasing at the right pace can often cause multiple and stronger orgasms. From my experience and the women I talk with, orgasms for women tend to come in waves. You want to build up and down, and then give her all you got
    If you have been with her a while you can probably pick up on those ques her body gives when she is close. That when you go for it:hello:
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    While having sex unprotected undoubtedly feels better(I can't deny that) It is important that you and you partner(s) are GETTING TESTED REGULARLY and have a reliable source of birth control(if you don't want an unwanted pregnancy)

    Hormonal birth control can be effected by a lot of things (forgetting it, some medications, supplements, ect it is only as effective as the person is diligent about taking it and being informed as to what drugs may interact with it)

    My partners sexual history's don't really change how I am attracted to them, what would that say about me. If we have both been tested and have safe sex then everything is gravy.

    You should maybe focus more on your own health and the health of your partners, then your self-satisfaction.

    Have you tried latex free condoms?(NOT THE LAMBSKIN KIND)
    After discovering I had a latex allergy I started to use nonlatex was obviously more comfortable for me! However my partner discovered they felt a lot better then the latex kind.(he had a hard time finishing with condoms as well)
    I like ones made of Polyisoprene. Like Lifestyles Skyn (the only kind that come in large nonlatex which my guy needed)
    They feel very thin and almost like there is nothing there(I am not kidding, it is pretty awesome)
    Important- there is a slightly (very slight) higher chance that non-latex condoms will break. I know they make "extra lubricated" I think these are best. With plenty of lubricant (natural or not) they are safe to use...while a bit more expensive.

    Also it never hurts to integrate more kinds of play into your sex life! Sex isn't just about orgasms, but since orgasms do feel amazing it never hurts to keep going.
    Oral sex is great at that point !

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