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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by KJ7, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Decided to get in growing, so I ordered 10 seeds of Nothern Lights x haze and 10 seeds of California Orange Bud. Now, I was planning on buying this for lighting.

    I already have potting soil with nitrogen added, 4 computer fans for circulation, pots, and spring water as main water source. I want to grow (maybe not all at one time) this in my closet in my basement. I want to hear some opinions or any tips you guys have before I begin to plant. I'll post some pics of my closet.

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  2. Another pic (sry about the text, I'm doing this with my friend)

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  3. One more

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  4. first off your gonna want to paint the walls flat white... then somehow install a light in there (is te ceiling wood or concrete?). somehow ventilate the room (i dont think 4 comp. fans are gonna cover that big of a space)... maybe a dayton blower or a desk fan....

    how big is that closet? (dimensions width x depth x height)
  5. Jesus how in the hell are you gonnna stop light leaks? Anyhow, it looks like its a L shaped closet, not really alotta of space, just alotta hieght.
  6. you could grow one big sativa in there! That would be rad and just twist the stock and youll have a tree in there yielding a pound! lol, I dont know...but you really need to paint the walls a flat white like hippie john said and maybe you could drill a vent through concrete which wouldnt be a big deal. Demensions would be nice!
  7. dimensions. colors correspond to measurment color

    EDIT the green 4ft should be red. sry

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  8. ok so do u guys have any reccomendations as to a good, cheap HPS light system that will be enough to grow 2-4 plants at a time well? What wattage level should i buy, and will it produce much heat? Also, i dont really want to paint the walls white, I can if needed, but would using aluminum foil around the walls and insde panels of the closet doors (to keep light from leaking in) work well? I have two good (12 in) desk fans which work well, I guess I'll use those.
  9. how many ounces of harvest are you after?
  10. as much as possible with some light system that is $120 or less
  11. you can always borrow a street light, making sure it either runs on the correct power or has a multi-tap ballast......
  12. how to borrow the street light power??
  13. no, your borrow the entire fixture and use it in your grow box;);)
  14. ??

  15. errm im not really sure i wanna go through all the trouble of stealing a street light. What amount of wattage would you guys recommend for growing two plants at a time?
  16. fist off you want around 4 plants. Bubblers would be a good idea since your already going all out with the 1k light. That 1k hps would be perfect for that size closet if you have the entire canopy covering it. I wouldnt bother with foil, if you dont want to paint the walls you can go to a local hydro shop and buy some mylar and cover the walls with that.

    About the fans, dump the pc fans. Get a 6 or 8" in-line fan sucking from above the light. Are you going to be venting the air to the outside? Because a 1k in that space would heat up quick without ventilation. Have you read my growroom design guide? sig V

    The 1k hps and a bit of training to get the canopy full with bubblers you should yeild around a pound and a half per harvest. if you plant to sell this is the setup to do otherwise scale down and buy a 400 or 150w hps and build a grow box inside your closet.

    you should build a small veg setup with a 150 w hps
  17. yea that sounds good. I dropped the 1k hps system to 450w though. Is that still ok? Also I dont think im gonna go with the bubbler idea, as im flat broke and it just seems too complicated for a first time grow. Otherwise am I good?
  18. a 450w will cover about 8 - 10sq. ft. of floorspace, and be sure to keep it withing about 12" of the plants....

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