The server time is behind by 20 minutes

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by eleven357, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Just thought you should know.

    And about the gun thing, are we allowed to discuss hunting?
  2. Hunting should be good to go (for now) but don't take advantage of that by sneaking in serious gun discussions. Now, be prepared...some are against hunting so those threads need to be in the Box.

    Thanks for the time alert. I'll test it now and then get it corrected. :)
  3. going to fix it tomorrow...
  4. I didn't even notice the site time was off, but GC hasn't been loading for me at all the past few days. It'll only do it randomly, and will go off for a few hours at a time. I click on my bookmark and nothing happens, I type in the link to the shop forum, home page, blog, etc; and nothing happens. It's sad.
  5. I haven't had any problems with it, Reggin. I haven't seen anyone else report what you've got going on either. Sorry.
  6. It is off for me as well. I never thought much of it. But when I post the time it says it got posted at is not the same as my system time (which is the actual time). :)

    EDIT: Yes, it is about 20 minutes off. I made a post, it said I had done so at 12:04, when I looked at my system time (shortly after posting) it said it was 12:26 (and that is the correct time).

    EDIT 2: Just like it said I edited this at 12:07 when in reality I did it at 12:27. :)
  7. Yeah, the time is off and SJ is going to fix it.

    Reggin is having problems with the site loading.
  8. lol, well, that will learn me to read every thang. :p
  9. It loads fine now, It probably won't later on. It seems to be between 5 and 9 or 10 p.m. my time. I'm in Indiana, so eastern?
  10. Server time's still off... :(
  11. Yessir.

    I posted the time i posted in another thread along a story and it reminded me the times still off, So i bumped this thread.
  12. Really?

    Let me see...

    Wow! Must not be tomorrow yet! :p

    I'll check on it. :)
  13. Jeez, is this site run by a bunch of stoners or something?


  14. You know, that thought had crossed my mind a few times before...:p
  15. testing to see if its fixed

    ++nope still behind lol++
  16. Bump.

    Still behind.

    Its really 12:13 am right now.
  17. still off by 20 minutes and what happened to the server lastnight? I couldn't get on any GC sites from 5pm PDT - 12 amPDT.
  18. We had some regular maintenance going on.

  19. k, thanks :)

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