the self shottie

Discussion in 'General' started by flyytee, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I'm sure pretty much everyone has heard of a shottie right

    well I've learned the sweetest way to give yourself a shottie
    1. put the burning end of the blunt in your mouth
    2.cup the rest of the blunt with both hands.
    3. blow straight out into the blunt.
    4. inhale through your nose

    and the second way is more simple
    1. make a fist
    2. put the blunt between your index and middle finger
    3. cover the end of your fist with your palm
    4.pull hard

    I usually use these methods when I'm alone... juss let me kno how it works for you
  2. The first only seems like it's overcomplicated and worth nothing, the second is a common practice when smoking alone, but nobody likes Parker taking rips like that off the blunt everybody threw down on.
  3. nah the 1st one is over poppin
    if u saw it youd think it was rly easy... it juss gets scary when your already high kuz ur scared of the ashes fallin in ur mouth
  4. The first one requires blowing smoke out and the end and inhaling at the same time. I wish i could do that haha tis hard
  5. first one. if you blow on the blunt the ashes and even cherry could go flying all around up in your mouth. and i dont want none of that girlfriend

    2nd one sounds good. will do it on a blunt next time
  6. i dont understand the second one
  7. Pretty cool, I saw my friend do it last time, it looked like he was going to suck the entire blunt in o.o
  8. If you're just chillin' alone smoking a blunt to the face, why don't you just hit it normally? Chances are you'll get baked either way.
  9. nah with the first one you blow out THEN inhale...not at the same time
    since your hands are cupped the smoke stays in your hands... then u pull in

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