The Self-Improvement Disease

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  1. There is no such thing as “self improvement”.

    The fallacy of self-improvement comes from the fact that you must first believe there is something outside that needs to be improved upon.

    When people believe they are flawed, the tendency is to start searching, searching, and searching some more to find a solution, an answer…

    Looking for meaning, solutions, and happiness “out there”.

    Here’s the point, nothing outside can solve your problems.

    If this were true, if there was a magical outside “fix” to life- there’d be no sad, high-strung, depressed people in the world.

    There would be no depressed and unhappy rich folks…check out the tabloids!

    Great news is that you already have the resources inside to be happy, wealthy, and successful.

    This idea is so foreign to many (and to conventional knowledge) that most people would have trouble believing it!

    It can be a “hard pill to swallow”…especially when you feel in lack, lonely, depressed, or frustrated. When you can’t pay your bills, hate your job, and things aren’t going right.

    But, this breakthrough can happen instantly.

    All you need is a shift. This will enable you to get CLEAR on what you want, be inspired to take MASSIVE action, and things will start to move into place effortlessly.

    When your life changes overnight, it’s not because you “improved” yourself, it’s because you had an internal shift.

    This internal shift can also be called “alignment”. When you are in alignment with what you want, you will always manifest it.

    And manifesting is not a magical voo-doo power from la la land…its the ability to “align” your conscious desires with the power of your unconscious mind…and thus create what you want faster than “improving” yourself from a point of limitation.
  2. well i have a gut and this shit's gotta go, the gym can definetly help me out with this, bought my membership yesterday, also i've started drinking vegtable shakes along with various vitamins and supplements

    wait let me re read this

    oh ok, so i guess i've been inspired and am now taking action, gotcha

    after i get in moderate shape i plan on joining a local BJJ gym too, which i am enthusiastic about
    don't want to now because my legs and gut are quite
  3. All roads begin from their source. The vehicle must determine its destination, but always remember, fuel is required.
  4. Of course it's great to attribute improvement from yourself internally. However, there are some things that are not in our power to control. :rolleyes:

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