"The Secret"

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  1. Any thoughts on the philosophy, "The Secret"? Look it up if u havent heard of it. Its worth researching. Its more of a way of life. Any experiences with it? Opinions? Stories?
  2. Well, I think of it as a bastardization of a mish-mash of very old teachings. I think its very helpful if followed for most people.

  3. This.

    There isn't any "magic" or anything along those lines involved in the secret. And thus it will not do anything magical or fanciful. It's all about a way of living, like thinking positive, looking toward goals, etc.
    And, like Madrid said, it is a mish-mash of old teachings and despite the mish-mash there's a lot of good philosophies to live by in the secret.

    The one thing I throughly disagree with in "the secret," however, is the way they make it seem as though you could demand something from the heavens and get it. They compared it to a genie granting your every wish. That was, to me, the most detractive thing they could have put in that book.

    So, as a whole, the secret is rather disappointing. But if you chop it into parts, you will find a lot a interesting and helpful philosophies.

  4. I don't think they meant its a gift from Heaven.. They meant that you are in control of your future from your thoughts
  5. The sad thing about this movie is how it kept going on about material things.. free money! free sex! Come on, really?
  6. I feel the secrete is too based around the idea of obtaining things...... of getting what I want , what I desire......

    ...its the wrong message to me. Too materialistic...

    It understands the law of attraction to some degree but that is just one piece of the equation.

    Its too focused around the EGO in my opinion....it can either help or be a blockage..

    A better book IMO is "The Power of NOW"

  7. Agreed. And once you've read that, then the sequel "A New Earth" is a must.

  8. yes!, Gonna pik that one up soon.:hello:
  9. "The Secret" is an attempt to make the discipline required to attain true fulfillment in life, seem easy. So people feel they are at-last on the right track... and tell their friends to buy the book.

    There is nothing original in that book, or the movie. In fact they have bastardized the true wisdom to the point where it leads people astray.
  10. Subtext of the book:
    "Marginalized populations just don't want it enough"

    Despicably transparent pseudo-mystical model of consumerist philosophy. That's my summary.

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