The secret to curing acne

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  1. Well there is a couple of simple steps to follow.Stay away from expensive shampoo is has a lot of oil silky smooth that's why you have pimples on your back and ass.
    So you need to wash hair first always and then wash face and body with coast shower soap twice a day.Change pillow case as much as you can and never go to bed with out washing your face and this will clear up any acne problems give it 30 days for bad acne O and never use lotion on your face ever.
    Dont forget wash hair first I hope I help someone out there;)
  2. Dont forget to drink a lot of water too!

  3. What kind of shampoo do you recommend?
  4. None. Shampoo is unnecessary.

    Tea tree oil is great for acne.
  5. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']None. Shampoo is unnecessary.

    Tea tree oil is great for acne.[/quote]

    Don't take shampoo advice from someone trying to grow dreads! :devious: :wave:

    Water is key if you have an acne problem. If you are complaining about acne but aren't ONLY drinking water-- you aren't doing everything you can!
  6. Any recommendations for a home dermabrasion thing?
  7. Not trying to. Doing it :D

    People say "Ew, if I don't use shampoo my hair is greasy"

    That's because you've been using shampoo your whole life. Shampoo contains some serious (industrial) degreasers, so your body, in order to stay balanced, creates more scalp oil than is normal. A period without shampoo will allow your body to reach equilibrium in it's oil levels, and your hair will be normal.

    Once I stopped using shampoo, my hair was greasy for about two weeks, but now it's awesome; never too dry, never to oily.
  8. Raw apple cider vinegar with mother works a lot faster.

    Take 2 tablespoons in 8oz of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda twice daily.
  9. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']Not trying to. Doing it :D[/quote]

    Ah, excuse me sir!

    And very interesting (re: the oil info you gave). Never even would have thought the body could do something like that so quickly. Very cool

  10. This is true, however the baking soda alters the chemical composition of the vinegar, so this can be unhealthy. It's better without the soda.
  11. So...what if I have like a afro (asian hair + black hair so its wavy when long,practixaly an afro)...and I sweat a lot because I work out and stuff, like once a day my hair gets likes I took a swim in sweat...
    So it wont stink?
  12. hahaha

    If I recommend any shampoo, it's this ^

    little bit of baking soda in some water, scrub your scalp with it, then rinse with raw apple cider vinegar+water.

    water works wonders
  13. So....any home dermabrasion tips?
  14. I went to a dermatologist and my insurance paid for a prescribed cream. Try that :D works like a charm

  15. We have tried both ways and they both seem equally effective. The baking soda raises the PH of the RACV and makes it easier to digest as it doesn't burn the gut as bad.
  16. I want to do that thing with using no shampoo.

    But I really don't feel like having greasy ass nasty looking hair for 2 weeks while my scalp adjusts.

  17. Ok, whatever works for you. I just don't trust that scheming baking soda. :mad:
  18. Bong hits give you lip acne but idgaf
  19. [quote name='"jaykewashere"']Bong hits give you lip acne but idgaf[/quote]

    Never had an issue with this

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