The secret life?

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  1. The secret life of an American teenager? Holy shit shes pregnant because she didn't use protection. Oh noes the life of an American teenager is unbelievably hard! They say it as though everyone views America as great, teens are wealthy and spoiled. Then they make it as though its not really that way because look some American teenagers have it really hard.

    Fuck you creators of this show. I'm sure it will do alright and whatever but really? These teenage girls make their lives hard. They don't have to do these things, but teenagers in other countries don't get food, thats not their choice. This show aggravates me!
  2. I know like really how hard is it to use a condom or some other forum of birth control? Now mtv has a new show coming out called 16 and pregnant. Seriously they need to make a show called "Don't be silly wrap your willey" it can star me and basically all I do is fuck hot chicks and I show that its okay to have sex and sleep around as long as you use protection. Seriously I hate how all the stupid people are not only having more kids but their also having kids at younger ages.
  3. Yeah and it almost seems they justify stupidity with the difficulty of being a teen parent which has to be the most stupid shit. If these teens weren't so dumb they wouldn't be in their situations. A raped teen mother is a different story but these are just girls sleeping around carelessly.
  4. Yup if you get rapped its one thing. Whats with our society acting like its a wonderful thing to be a teen mother and drop out of high school? Seriously I blame it on bush and his backwards abstinence only sex ed.
  5. Yep, its pretty fucked up. Then to make fucking shows and movies about it too is like really? Are we trying to piss terrorists off? Oh no my life sucks because I had sex!!!!!!
  6. Uhh, maybe you guys are out of the loop on this one but like 9 out of 10 16 year old girls are preggers in this country. every aspect of this show is so real, so down to earth. oh and the reason its "so hard" to use protection when having pre-marital sex is cause birth control is a sin...duuuuh.
  7. Oh darn we forgot :eek:

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