The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) ..bad at 3/10

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  1. I was hoping it would be something like the 1947 original, with Danny Kay ...? no way!
    Ben Stiller tries to show the money peeps in Hollywood that not only is he a great actor but can direct too.....Fuck'in crap, this movie was like sitting thru a NatGeo Documentary .....BORING!!!!
    The movie runs for 114 minutes and for that this Stiller playing a general 40 year old looser is trying to hit on this 30 something bimbo, for the 94 minutes of this flick the rest he's running around Scandinavia looking for Sean Penn who I hope, don't get paid for what he did, .. call it a cameo.
    The only star to save this film, is the ever present Shirley MacLaine, playing Stiller's mom, but at 80+ she ain't propping up poop, avoid at all costs
    for those who doubt

    score 3/10

  2. i watched this movie and love it after all he's one of my favorite actors and love watching his movies 
  3. the premise of this movie looked fuckin stupid in the trailer i had watched, doubt i would go see it but i suppose for the right audience it might be a hit, ive seen enough of stiller playing this type of character though, he needs to do something original. 
  4. I want to see this simply for the cinematography and photography aspects of the film. It has some of the best praise I've heard from other film buffs in that regard.
    I also wasn't aware that Shirley MacLaine was in this. That gives me a second reason to actually get around to watching it.
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  6. Yea the movie looks like shit. Ben stiller's a freak. Original was gooood tho.
  7. I give it a 7/10 while it had a rough start after the first 20 minutes I was actually entertained. It could have been that it was me and my chick and one other person in the theatre and halfway through I fingered my girl for 15 minutes but I enjoyed the ending.
  8. Fingered your girl ....and whose ending was this ....?
  9. Those who have a weak imagination will find these kind of movies shitty.
    Looks like there wasn't enough explosions for OP
  10. True ...I needed a lot of explosions to keep awake and  up with the shitty story and the crass acting
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    i thought it pretty good lol and i didnt think i would even like it all
    it was alot like scott pilgram vs the world but mitty was but still different

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