The Secret Life of Chaos

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  1. BBC - BBC Four Programmes - The Secret Life of Chaos

    For those who can watch it, this will answer at least some questions on how we can get something from nothing, including complex structures that seem to 'live'. A very worthwhile - and in parts stunning - watch, despite the sometimes OTT narration.


  2. Dude, I watched this and it was absolutely amazing.
    I was high at the time and therefore applied the concept to absolutely everything.

    It made so much sense how it applied to evolution though.
  3. I'll be too busy watching re-runs of 'My Name Is Earl'....jk:D

    The link you posted says it is not available in my area, though it sounds like a great show.
  4. "This video is not available in your area"

    Goddamn iPlayer!
  5. Man fuck the BBC half the stuff online they dont let us watch in the US.

    I was pumped to watch that :(
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    Here we go, thank you YouTube!

    [ame=]YouTube - BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 1/6)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 2/6)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 3/6)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 4/6)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 5/6)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010) (Part 6/6)[/ame]

  7. Let me see: Back to back Earl for two days or this...? Got to be Earl every time:)

    Thanks for posting the vids Jdahms, very useful:)


  8. I do that same thing.
  9. This will serve as a convenient procrastination from my otherwise busy work week. Thanks!
  10. I just finished viewing the whole thing and for some reason this video has helped me finally make up my mind about smoking this DMT I've had in my nightstand for a year.

    Awesome video only thing that turned me off was the narrator, but he didn't take that much away from an awesome program.
  11. great video!

    How come you guys didn't like the narrator? Only thing that kinda turned me off is the one little bit about how, with this knowledge, you don't need a god but it was so short it's quickly forgotten.

    Will defiantly have to watch again after a bowl, great stuff! + rep to you OP ;p
  12. Well isn't that really the most fascinating part about the whole world? It didn't need somebody to set things in their places, it just needed a starting soup of quarks and some rules to evolve by, and we get - all this.

    It doesn't abolish God totally, though. What started the whole thing? What determined those rules that produced the complexity?
  13. it really is ;p

    One of the video's I was watching about Feynman he was talking about interesting things. He was talking about how science is learning the rules of chess (the board and it's pieces) but what it doesn't ask about is why the board started that way, it just starts with an initial condition and then goes from there.

    If you haven't seen it yet there is a video here of someone that wanted to study an ant colony. Was fascinating to me to see that these ants, without direct control created a whole world for themselves. A very interesting example of order from seeming chaos.
  14. Awesome. Thanks dude!
  15. Thanks:)

    What I disliked was that he seemed to be trying to turn something fascinating into something that sounded almost spiritual. The film was demonstrating that there's no need to evoke a god for the cause of creation, complex systems can easily appear out of randomness.

  16. Anyone have anymore info/links/videos on the computer simulated evolution or whatever it is? Thats some crazy shit right there.

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