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The Secret Garden

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by JasK, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. I am new to this and must admit that I am still somewhat paranoid about saying too much on this particular subject online. Up until now, I have just been a quiet observer. But since I am the polar opposite to a non-participating observer by my nature–I decided to say “what the hell” and share my experience. I think I might be able to possibly help someone and also hopefully get a little help myself.

    I started some plants sometime in late April–my first time. Looking back, I made a lot of mistakes. I overwatered, didnt properly ventilate, and exposed my young plants to cold (not freezing) temperatures. I even left them unattended and without light for almost 2 weeks while on vacation in Cancun, Mx. I fully expected that I would need to start over. How they lived is a mystery to me–but many did.

    Naturally some were stunted, and several just couldnt make it. Suprisingly, in the end, there was 4 or 5 nice plants that just must have wanted to live. Maybe that is where the nickname “weed” came from. Like weeds, they just wouldnt go away.

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  2. here are more

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  3. and one more shot of those poor abused plants

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  4. I have now started a second generation, this time a little better prepared. These were the first 4 plants. They were germinated around June 19th and sprouted up on the 23rd.

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  5. I am someone who will thoroughly research something once I commit, and have learned much since my miserable start. A little over two weeks later, two of the four have been transplanted outside, one is 10" the second 12"....

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  6. and the other one

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  7. Here are the other two that were under the exact same conditions...still in the pot

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  8. ..Go figure! I am not about to give up on them, but must admit that the runts may fall victim to my experimentation–I'll explain later
    If you go wondering around the internet for info on this topic like I have, you get a lot of contradicting advice. I found out that there is a lot more to it than one might think. But, the fundamentals always surface eventually. Afterall, there is a real science to it, and therefore an established and proven scientific method does exists. But, weeding through all of terminology and BS is no small feat for the laymen beginner.

    I started out intending to grow indoors, but there were two significant reasons for me to change my thinking: First, I will be having major surgery on my lower back later this month. I will not have the capacity to provide the necessary care to grow inside.
    Coincidentally, iIt is the chronic pain that I endure every day that inspired my interest to begin with. I havent smoked in many years and had lost my appreciation for it. Then one day, by chance, I discovered that it was the only thing that could take my mind off the pain, even if for only an hour or so. My pain meds couldnt do that. It didnt treat the pain itself, but it allowed an escape that was very real and now very dear to me. I could never even sell any because it has become far too valuable to my condition.

    Anyway, got off the subject–sorry. The second reason is that I have an ideal property to grow on–It is very private with rich soil and a landscape that is very concealing, yet is very close to my home (100 yards or so). I could throw a major party outside with dozens of people, and even with the grow site only a few yards away, it would be virtually undetectable. The only thing I lack is the perpetual climate found in the south–cant have it all I guess.

    You may have noticed in the pics thatI have erected an inexpensive fenceline to keep out unwanted animal life. I also frequently take a piss in different areas around the perimeter–this is a highly effective, yet rarely mentioned method for deterring deer and many other wildlife threats.
    As always, insects do pose a threat, particularly this year. They are thick. So, I treated the soil within the confinement for or insects and grubs, etc. well in advance of relocating the plants. Then the plants are misted directly with a diluted insecticide (while in growth stage) and the perimeter is treated with a more potent mixture and has served like a barrier for insects very well so far.

    In preparing the soil for the site, I have employed a mixture of vermiculite (very good for germinating also) miracle grow, and deposited a mix of high quality soil and organic fertilizers (cow shit) along the root lines. This provides plants a sort of time-released source of nutrients at the roots where it does not attract insects (above grade at least) from three different Counties. I have successfully initiated a cycle that consists of stages. I have plants going from germination to outdoor plants. Unfortunately, it will be severely interrupted by my surgery, and my plants will be at the mercy of mother nature. Hopefully, I will be able to pick it back up without too much of a gap.

    I know that I have a lot more to learn I have already experimented on a number of different approaches to growing and plan tol use my downtime in more research.
    Right now, I couldnt tell you if a plant is indica or whatever. I havent yet made it through the flowering stage, and know only the most basics about harvesting.
    I hope to acquire a better knowledge of techniques alleged to increase THC and experiment with cloning and the like. If all goes well I will erect a small greenhouse once I have recovered enough.

    I could go on and on, but will suffice it to say for now that I am looking for the insight that only a seasoned and experienced grower can provide. So if you are out there, I would love to hear from you. I can safely promise you that you will get back as much from me in some way as you give.
  9. welcome to the city Jask, hope the grow and the opp both go ok. looks like ur off to a good start with the grow.
  10. Hey Barnaby! Thanks--I appreciate that. I go under the knife in one week from today. Got so much to do and the pain is unbearable. Going to try to transplant the rest while I can--a little sooner than I like. I just hope Mother Nature takes good care.

    If you have any advice--I welcome it

  11. Looking lovely!

    Definately a thread to watch!

  12. Thanks for the good word. I have been reading about bending the plants over to get better results. Here is how I did it. If anyone knows a better way-please let me know. I also noticed some yellowing at the tips. From what I have read, it could mean a couple of things.

    Here is what they look like

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  13. here is another picture...

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  14. I also noticed some minor damage from insects. Spray not working as effectively as I thought but I hate to increase potency too much.

    Also, here is a look at some new transplants. They went out a little sooner than I would have liked--so wish them luck


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