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The secret behind orange/other fruit's peels

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jobes921, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Ok. So I heard recently that orange's peels.. or other fruit's peels.. can add moisture to your bud.. make them more sticky and stuff... so i had a few questions.

    1) What bud dose this work, or work best with. Shwag, mids, dro, headies? Why or why not?
    2) Would it work with any fruit's peel? like mabey a mango peel? or dose it work with mostly.. clemintine, tangerine, oranges.. stuff like that?
    3) Dose this work better with larger or smaller quantities?
    4) If your actualy doing this, how long should u keep the orange peels in for? Should the bud and the peels be in the same bag? How long can ruin your bud?
    5) Affects: Except for the moisture added to the bud, and probobly weight of the bud, as a result, Will the bud become better? Will it taste better while being smoked? Will the overall smell change?

    Im asking because i recently just bought an ounce of shwag/mids.. and the buds are ok.. but there are TONS of seeds and stems.. id say about 20 seeds/g. And kinda stemy. But yea please, if u cant realy help dont bother. I want some expert opinions. People who have done this multiple times.

    Thanks in advance.
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    so many questions for something that just moistens your weed......

    just use some common sense, you're acting like its such a elaborate process. All it does is add moisture to the bud. Leave it in like, overnight or something. Personally, I'm never doing it again because it made my bag all sticky and now i can probably only collect like, half the kief i could have gotten.

    It will obviously work with any kind of weed, and anything that contains a little moisture will do it- so yes, a mango peel could theoretically work. If you just think about what's happening when you put the fruit peel in your bag, you can answer half those questions yourself....

    but the most important question i will answer in case you can't tell:
    It will not improve the "high" you get from smoking it. Maybe a slight difference in taste.
  3. Ok. I understand that it helps add moisture.. but dose that make the bud better? or dose it just make it look better?
  4. No it doesn't make the bud better. The only thing I do with orange peels is burn them to make weed smell go away, and it works perfectly. Oust's main ingredient is citrus too:smoke:
  5. Fruit peels and whatnot only make the weed nice and moist so its less powdery and will burn longer and have more of a smooth taste while providing a nice smell while you burn along with possibly a taste of citrus if you use a citrus fruit (i recommend)

    Caution: don't leave the fruit peels in with your weed too long though, mold may grow in there
  6. how long should u keep the peel in for? an hour or 2?
  7. yeah an hour, 2, 3 even, depending on how fresh the peel is and how damp you like your weed, just keep checking back on it every hour or so until it gets to where you like it, I would say no more than 6 hours at most though, and definitely not overnight.
  8. thanks mike

  9. god, i HATE those words

    but yeah, juat take a small piece of orange peel (only peel, no fruit) and leave it in the same bag, or preferably jar, for an hour or 2 and then check it again

    dry weed is thirstry, man. so don't quench the thirst too much
  10. i found some old weed once and put it in a jar with an apple peel, i'd leave it in for about 12 hours, take it out for a bit, put it back in, etc. i did that a few times, the bud ending up puffing up quite a bit and was very moist and hard to break up. just don't let the peel touch the weed, and if it's fairly fresh stuff don't leave it in too long.
  11. Meh... i like my weed dry. Re-moistening it just makes it damp. In my opinion, weed should be dry, crystally and sticky. Any experience I've had moistening it with fruit just makes it worse.

    I wouldn't reccomend moistening your weed.
  12. if you dont have any fruit or dont want to stink up your bud try this:

    take a paper towel, rip off a little sheet. roll it up into a ball. wet it. make sure to squeeze out as much water as you can. put ball in with weed.

    this works best when the buds are in a airtight container, like a pillbottle or glass jar.

    Best thing to do is to check it every couple hours, then when its moist enough for you just take the ball out and throw it away. Obviously you dont want it to be too wet or it'll be hard as a bitch to smoke
  13. don't put peels in ur weed. it's not worth taking the chance, moldy weed should only be thrown away.
  14. Ive used this trick many times in the past....works like a charm.

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