The second sweetest story in the word!

Discussion in 'General' started by smoke_the_dank, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Okay, this is the true account of my saturday night.

    My friend "J" and I are sitting around drinking some Jack Daniel's black label and smoking some bongloads. About a pint into our night we get a call from one of our friends saying there is a party at our rockpit. So we pack our stuff up and head out to the party. When we got there we looked around and didnt recognize anybody, so we were like what the hell, what are all these city people doing up here? Then I start to really look around and everybody there was a fat mother fucker, and all hagard looking. So my friend and I leave and drink lots more Jack along with some Busch Pounders. about 3 hours latter a I told my friend that we should go back to the party and see if any of our friends are there. When we got there every one had left except 1 carload of people and they were sleeping, so we left. But on our way home we decided that we should go sneak into there camp and steal there keg. We turned around and parked the car down the road and tried to sneak into there camp but we were loud as hell because we were shitty drunk, so we slowly make our way to the keg and discover that it was full. When we tried to take it we almost woke them up because it was packed in ice and the ice was really loud. so we snuck back to the car and my friend came up with this great idea to scare them away and then take there keg. At the time I thought it was a briliant plan so we drove back to my house and got my SKS and a 12ga. shotgun, and took them up there. I hid my car and we walked past there camp and started blazing away and screaming and shit. I was yelling "I'm ON DRUGS" and "Don't let them get away", we started chasing after them and they took off like a bat out of hell and they were screaming and shit it was awesome! Needless to say we threw together a small group of friends and drank there keg.
  2. The obvious question; what is the 'first sweetest story in the world?"
  3. actually I dont know, but I knew my story wasnt it.

  4. ROFL

    thats the funniest thing i've ever heard.

    how would u introduce her to somebody?

    "i think this is my girlfreind, but im not sure"
  5. Oh and a side note, if that was your keg, I'm very sorry. I am not a thief unless I'm really really drunk, then there are no rules!

    and before I catch a bunch of shit from the empathetic blades I just want to say I am NOT a drunkin' hillbilly thief. I just really wanted to steal a keg from these bastards that came into our partying grounds and acted like they own the place.
  6. That was fucking hilarious, this year at my former highschool's Junior/ Senior eggfight, I happened to be in town. My friend and I were driving around in his jeep which must look like a highschool car cause some seniors starting pegging us, they continued to follow us and finally I got pissed and got a .22 which we had been hunting with jumped out at a stopsign and proceeded to fire some shots into the air. Needless to say those senior shits had their tires spinning backwards as fast as they could.

  7. lmao two of the best quotes ever
  8. I want to turn it into a big hooka, but Im not sure, any other ideas?

  9. Get it refilled? :D
  10. Nice one smoke the dank, i would have done it myself :D
  11. man... neat story and all but don't be going around shooting guns just to scare ppl. guns aint toys man.
  12. chen, I am a hill billy son of a bitch that grew up with a gun in his hand dont preach to me about that shit I have seen first hand what shotguns do to faces
  13. Sorry, just alittle whiskey drunk tonight... Just sounded condesending... and I hate to hear people preach about guns
  14. YYYYYUUUCCCKKK, rhymes w/ duck!!

    And to think, I thought you were cute :(
  15. J.D. and old crow baby!

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  16. Eh, gettin drunk just doesn't do it for me anymore. I always feel the same when I'm drunk...being high is always different... like a pleasant surprise...

    whiskey tears my stomach up for the most part...excepting Crown Royal.
  17. "Gun control means using both hands"

    Got that sticker on my truck :p
  18. well that was uncalled fer... =/

    anyways i hate to preach to others about guns just as much as u hate being preached to, but if u like the 2nd amendment then i believe u should also be RESPONSIBLE with ur firearms. ur just giving ammunition to anti-gun proponents. what if u hurt somebody? we'd never hear the end of it. "gun toting maniac maims victim in a drunken rage; gun laws rapidly tightened"
    "guns don't kill people. people kill people" that is so true. all i was saying was it was NOT a good idea to be shooting guns off into the air. it doesn't matter how long u've been around firearms, there are certain things that u just should not do with them. safety first man...

    same thing with drugs. as long as there's ppl out there killing/hurting innocent bystanders while under the influence, drugs will always get a bad rap.
  19. Woa, I dont even remember posting that pic or any of those posts. Neat!

    Nice Bumper sticker nam!
    I have one that says "loggers do it in the woods"
  20. Chen,

    You dont know me well enough to call me a gun toting maniac. And we were about fifty yds away when we fired the shotgun, in THE OTHER direction. You werent there so stop preaching.

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