The second result when googled marijuana facts...such bullshit.

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  1. I googled marijuana facts to see what would come up when concerned parents are going to look up this topic when they find their kids smoking or in possession of something.  
    This is most likely what they will click on because of the 'above the influence' or will read more than one site and go on to the second one.  
    This information is pure bullshit out of some anti-marijuana activists' ass.
    What do you think?

  2. zombies!!!
    ...they are desperate...fear mongering like this is pale compared to the 'war' propaganda and people are noticing it easier
    other sites cite 32 million a year smoke pot...2-3x that is a lot of zombies!
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    "A lazy drugged out zombie nation" lol

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    they say that then will go on about the extreme effort pot heads go to just to grow and evade the they make millions by being they hike miles into the woods to grow all gorilla style, because pot heads are lazy those zombies never become prominent political leaders like PRESIDENTS (oh wait..)
    I see those lazy ass zombies everyday, walking and riding bikes to work...and school...damned dirty zombies! Always proving 'the man' wrong!
  5. But of course it's okay to zombiefy kids with stuff like riddalin.    
    The irony is just too much  :laughing:
  6. Yes, because beer and football culture is about "enlightenment."
    You'd have to be a zombie to eat up what Wall Street is selling these days.
    The fun part is that the "lazy society" was the justification for alcohol prohibition by the "economists" who concocted it. Not much has changed in their messages, anyway. But it makes people feel "informed" more than fear mongering is the big change we're seeing in their tactics. People just have to be dumb enough now to buy into the government's own flawed "studies." Hopefully the 19% approval rate for CONgress means people have at least started to wake up and only zombies still believe what they are peddling?
  7. I dont know why your all complaining lets be honest all of that is true tell me one bit that isn't I dare you
  8. Nope! You didn't double dog dare us!
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    the problem is its so biased.
    doesnt talk about the goods
    also this line bugged me soo hard "it affects the brain's reward centers in similar ways as all other addictive substances"
    like really? yes mj affects the brains reward center. you know what else does? eating fatty foods, and giving hugs. just because it affects a reward center doesnt mean its bad. why relate it to "other addictive substances"
    anything can trigger a reward center, i mean while theyre at it they should say that sex is like a bad drug too.
  10. Well technically sex has killed people, where weed hasnt :p

  11. Ik I get a scrip for addaral and I'm way more doped up and zombie like then when I smoke
  12. Then those kids grow up to use Heroin.
    But that's ok..
  13. sex has also made people
  14. The facts are out there, but the people that are against it don't give a fuck and don't want to hear the facts. They'd rather listen to fatass nancy grace talk about how it's horrible. The people that I've met that are against it usually are binge drinkers and smoke every 30 minutes. It's retarded man. We just have to wait for the legalization train to reach the destination. Then those same people will be smoking it like every one else lol
  15. Its just like people who are anti-imigration who say ridiculous shit like "Mexicans are lazy, and they're stealing all our jobs!". Well which is it? Are they coming up here and lazing about? Or are they coming up here and stealing all our jobs? Because the two are mutually exclusive.

    Most people just haven't thought out their views. It is easier and feels safer to just agree with the loudest side.
  16. Love weed. Sex is still a million times better.
  17. So write that page an educate those douche canoes. We already know the good outweighs the bad...
  18. Cause they're being one dimensional -- but they're completely oblivious to that.
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    the part about marijuana making us a lazy doped up nation... i mean, tons of people are 'walking through the concrete jungles asleep' but it's not because of pot
    updated link from OP
    it really doesn't look that bad..

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