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The Seasoned Tokers Disucussion

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Guest, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. I have been wanting to talk to other seasoned tokens about how they go about their days? Are you dealing with any problems that you take cannabis for? What would happen if you didn't take cannabis? Are you Working? In school? How has cannabis affect you?
    Me, I'm in constant pain all day long, all night long, and cannabis is the only thing I have found that can completely relieve me of all my symptoms. Now I toke everyday, all day, just a light consistent toke throughout the day, then a more heavy dose at night so that I can go to sleep. I'm just finishing up school and find Cannabis is great as it helps me focus, and makes me feel better so that I can actually finish up my work. On the other hand I've never had the best memory and I find it more difficult to remember little (less important) things. Sometimes I think I'd do way better on that History test remembering all those dates without cannabis, yet I can't do that.
    So I pretty much want to see how others seasoned tokens, who toke all the time, for medicinal relief, deal with their day/lives. Do you just sit in a cave smoking all day all night? Or do you have an office job and toke before leaving? Maybe you are still and school… how do you feel toking has affected you? There's lots more for me to type! Let's just see a few responses first ;)  :smoke: .

  2. i diagnosed myself with anxiety, and was diagnosed with depression by a doctor, so pot always helps that. but i started pot just for recreational use at first. it wasnt until a few months in that i noticed its EXTREME medical benefits. its almost like a miracle plant haha. sad? smoke some. in pain? smoke some. nauseous? smoke some. bored? smoke some  :hello: 
  3. come on guys' this many views and only one reply… I know there's more of you take toke this often or probably more ;).
    I agree man! Miracle-Medicine! When I was younger I was like a "poster" child  and people used to freak out when they found out I toked. At that time I only used to do it recreationally, once a week or a couple times a month. I soon started getting "symptoms" of my problem but didn't quite make the connection that cannabis helped until a little while after. This is when I began using it medicinally and finally got my card. I have to say, I don't know what I'd do without cannabis…… I mean it's the only thing that takes away ALL of my symptoms, med's just don't do the job alone, not matter which meds and how many. There's days I can barely crawl out of bed….hmmm I'm going to call in sick…. takes a couple tokes…. nvm let's shower, eat and go!
  4. exactly! plus all those pharmaceutical drugs can fuck up your brain in the long run
  5. Ok. Let's start with the fact that I'm more than likely twice as old as you are. In hindsight, I was ADHD before it had a name. 16 when I indulged the first time. It slowed me down nicely. I've got arthritis, and host of other joint ailments and injuries from over the years. I've also developed some digestive issues these lately. How much I smoke depends on what I have to do that day. I've played thru the pain for years. I can usually gut it out until the work is done. It helps knowing herbal relief is at the end of the day. When I do have to go without, aside from noticing my symptoms a little more, the only problem I really encounter is getting to and staying asleep. I guess you could say I'm a recreational user who realizes the medical benefits. 2 birds with one stoned?  :)
  6. I smoke or fun. :) Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Use for pain caused by scoliosis and to breathe better cuz of my asthma n helps me sleep/ eat regularly Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. I smoke recreationally but pretty regularly. I'm a full time student starting a new semester at a new school. I'm working on a degree in business. I would like a career in business and eventually become a marketing manager/director. I've been dealing with anxiety for years and after getting busted my freshmen year of college, I slipped into a giant depression. I don't have anything only record. I complied with the court and so I wasn't convicted. But I'm still struggling with feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness almost every day. I have been on and off SSRIs for longer than ive been smoking and the last medication I had tried months back calmed my thoughts but made my suicidal ideation much worse. Now I'm off of it and have been for a few monthsI would like to meet new people since a number of the people I had been hanging around with for the last couple of years have been making me feel worse about myself. I just have a lack of motivation. And I want to particularly make friends with girls this go-round and still haven't hit it off with any girls I have met on my new campus.
    Let's just agree you probably are old ;). I was the exact same, noticing the medicinal benefits after recreational use. I've been playing the pain, but if I try to go longer than a half day I become in extreme pain, and end up falling back to the cannabis.
    Are you still using cannabis? Sorry to hear about the depression, and don't be taking those pills if they cause suicidal thoughts! And the doctors still have the nerve to tell me they are better than cannabis *shakeshead*.
    Hmmm….seems as though you are looking for a girlfriend. I have realized one thing, don't go "looking". Live your life, focus on school, focus on the gym, be healthy, go hang out with your friends and be you. Eventually you'll run into Miss-Perfect ;), and the both of you will know it.
  10. I smoke simply because I find it fun. But marijuana is a medicine, and it does help out people with serious issues, and we recreational users mustn't forget that.
    I smoke just about every day if I have green. It would be nice to have a girlfriend, but I'm not necessarily looking for one. I'm assuming that you were under the impression that I am male which I am not. I would like more female friends in order to feel a companionship that I don't normally get from male friends.
  12. Get you some gay male friends. They are just as drama, gossip, trendy, as most women do. Except they are horny like all men. Just saying.
  13. Ive been smoking on and off for over 30 yrs. But i started toking again recently. I have traumatic brain injury and suffer chronic pain. I was a poster child for pharmaceutical companies. They had me on so many meds. Fuck that, when i have Mary Jane. Toking is saving my life. No more meds. I feel so much better. Im allergic to an ingredient that are in the majority of pain meds. So im getting closer in receiving a prescription here in Connecticut. Weed is saving my quality of life. Puff,puff, Pass!Sent from my N9100 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. [quote name="Paulalee" post="19379418" timestamp="1390301994"]Get you some gay male friends. They are just as drama, gossip, trendy, as most women do. Except they are horny like all men. Just saying.[/quote]I have quite a number of gay boy friends but have yet to meet one on campus. I guess I'll keep my sights open and gaydar ready. These guys usually hang out with girls so they'll bring me to them inevitably
  16. I smoke for my anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, chronic pain, and because it just makes the world feel better.  I'm a very pessimistic person, and it makes me actually have hope for the world.  My goal in life is to open my own dispensary.  I've done some really bad stuff in my time, and I want to make up for it by increasing the quality of life for many patients, and giving others a chance at life they wouldn't have had before.  Cannabis has always been there for me, and I want it to be there for other people.  
  17. I was recently released from prison, and I have been diagnosed with PTSD from that experience. I use cannabis to relieve the symptoms of my anxiety disorder, it also helps me to keep my motivation to stay away from methamphetamine, for that was a terrible part of my life, and cannabis helped me get through the experience. I work 6 days a week now, so it helps me not mind going to work as much as I would without marijuana.

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