The Scrog Method

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  1. When do you stop scrogging the plant?
  2. Super easy. Great way to improve yield w tight height space .. Remember always weave screen under-over under-over, etc altering over,under every other string..
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  3. Thanks! I have come along way since that scrog and I think I have perfected the 3’x3’ wall to wall scrog.

    Wow this thread is dead, how about some SCROG porn from my last few projects

    Purple Cactus
    66DE9044-E64E-4184-9944-259DBCE1A1B2.jpeg 81CCAF2D-41C7-4537-A423-EEF249F40D51.jpeg

    OG Kush

    White Widdow 63EF8EF2-4BF8-447F-9C73-7E33916E06F6.jpeg
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  4. New to this thread (just found it), hoping there are still people watching. I have a pretty small grow cabinet, the distance from the top of my net pots to the bottom of my 200 watt CFL light is a bit under 20 inches. I have a SCROG net built & ready (see attached photo), how far from the bottom of my light should I be setting it given my space?

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  5. Thanks very much, I appreciate it. I was guessing 6-8" above the net pot, that will leave me 12" or more to the lights and as long as the stretch in flowering is not insane I will be OK. Since my light is only a 200 watt CFL (not say a 600 watt HID) what do you think is the closest I could safely let my plant tops get to it? I've read you can keep CFL's quite close to your plant tops and as long as you don't get leaf burn you will have a better yield.
  6. hey guys I'm looking for some help! I'm panning to build individual scrogs for each of my sip pots 2.5 X 2.5ft would be a perfect size screen for me, was hoping to hold it up with a tomato cage! something similar to this...

    as you can see buying them can be pricey bc of how many in going to need!

    so I decided to build one, I'm having a lot of trouble finding the top screen, I went to 5 different stores today in search, only things I could that was similar was dog cages, and types of fencing, all of which would cost more to build then just buying them from ebay!

    so I'm looking for ideas or anything that could give me the exact same results without breaking the bank! I did buy a few lengths of bamboo sticks, I considered using 4 to make the legs and 2 to make a square, that goes on top, then run a type of string to make the actually squares, but this seems like it won't be too sturdy and I'm not sold on the idea!

    any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Home depot, buy some 1"x2"x3' boards ($1.50 each)
    That would build the frame. And go to dollar store and buy some thick string.
    Either use a staple gun to attach string to the frame or screws but I prefer the staples (cleaner looking). Its a lot sturdier then you think. Then you just have to find away to attach the frame to your bamboo supports.

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  8. You can get rolls of chicken wire in 24" to 48"

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